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Nanomaterials-Based Composites for Energy Applications Emerging Technology and Trends

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Talukdar Keka

This volume, Nanomaterials-Based Composites for Energy Applications: Emerging Technology and Trends, covers the importance of nanomaterials-based composites for renewable and alternative energy applications. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, it looks at using composites without losing the extraordinary strength of the nanomaterials, preparing new composites with high dielectric permittivity, improving load-carrying capacity, and more. Simulation and experimental work is included, providing a current view of the research that is going on in laboratories all over the world.

The book will be a rich reference for professors and instructors, professionals, researchers, and engineering students interested in applying the emerging field of nanoscience and nanotechnology to energy applications.

Part 1: Preparation And Properties Of Nanocomposites For Energy Applications

1. Preparation and Properties of Nanocomposites for Energy Applications

Idowu David Ibrahim et al.

2. Recent Progress in Nanocrystalline Oxide Thin Films

Pallabi Gogoi, D. Pamu, and L. Robindro Singh

3. Application of Magnetic Fluid in Energy Sector

Kinnari Parekha and R. V. Upadhyay

4. Nanostructured Materials and Composites for Renewable Energy

Idowu David Ibrahim et al.

5. Simulation and Modeling of Nanotechnology Aircraft Energy System Using MATLAB

Indradeep Kumar

6. Promising Nanomaterials and Their Applications in Energy Technology

Tathagat Waghmare

Part 2: Nanocomposites For Sustained Energy

7. Nano-Bio Hybrid Platform to Meet the Energy Challenge

Mihir Ghosh

8. ZnS/ZnO Nanocomposite in Photovoltaics: A Computational Study on Energy Conversion

Keka Talukdar

9. Bio-Nanometal-Cluster Composites for Renewable Energy Storage Applications

R. Govindhan and B. Karthikeyan

10. AlNi and AuZn Nanohybrids for Capacitors: A Computational Study

Keka Talukdar

11. Recycling of Polymer Nanocomposites of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Compressed Natural Gas Reservoirs

Gilberto João Pavani, Sérgio Adalbeto Pavani, and Carlos Arthur Ferreira

12. Nanomaterial-Based Energy Storage and Supply System in Aircraft Systems

Indradeep Kumar

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