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Nanocomposite Sorbents for Multiple Applications

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Aristov Yu I.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Nanocomposite Sorbents for Multiple Applications

Looking back at the past few years, it is safe to say that the interest in developing novel materials is booming, and this process has resulted in a reliable base for the technological progress of society. This book presents the concept of the nanotailoring of sorption properties and introduces a new family of composite sorbents based on this concept: "salt in nanoporous matrix."? The topics covered in the book include the requirements for optimal sorbents, tools for synthesis, sorption equilibrium of new materials with water, alcohols, ammonia, and carbon dioxide, and change of salt properties at the nanoscale. The text also discusses the potential application of these sorbents for the storage and transformation of low-temperature heat, gas drying, maintaining relative humidity in museums, and regeneration of heat and moisture in ventilation systems.

Introductory Remarks

Description of Adsorption Equilibrium and Dynamics

Optimal Adsorbent: Basic Requirements

Basic Synthesis Methods

Composite Sorbents of Water Vapour: The Effect of a Confined Salt

Composite Sorbents of Water Vapour: The Effect of a Host Matrix

Composite Sorbents of Methanol

Composite Sorbents of Ammonia

Composite Sorbents of Carbon Dioxide

Thermal Properties of CSPMs

Melting-Solidification of Salt Solution/ Hydrates in the Pores

Molecular Dynamics of Sorbed Water

Sorption Dynamics: An Individual Composite Grain

Sorption Dynamics: A Composite Bed

Isobaric Sorption Dynamics: A Temperature Initiation

Adsorptive Transformation of Heat: Temperature-Driven Cycles

Adsorptive Transformation of Heat: Pressure-Driven Cycles

Regeneration of Heat and Moisture in Ventilation Systems

Maintaining Relative Humidity

Shifting Chemical Equilibrium

Active Heat Insulation

graduate and postgraduate students in materials science and adsorption; researchers and engineers in nanomaterials and adsorption science and technology; decision makers in the field of high-tech

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