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Coulomb Excitations and Decays in Graphene-Related Systems

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Covering fundamental and applied sciences, this book provides an overview of Coulomb excitations and decays in graphene-related systems under the effects of lattice symmetries, layer numbers, dimensions, stacking configurations, orbital hybridizations, intralayer and interlayer hopping integrals, spin-orbital couplings, temperatures, electron/hole dopings, electric field, and magnetic quantization. The work presents a well-developed theoretical model and addresses important advances in essential properties and diverse excitation phenomena. The theoretical model is applicable to various dimension-enriched graphene-related systems and other 2D materials, including layered graphenes, graphites, carbon nanotubes, silicene and germanene. It provides comprehensive and unusual results, detailed comparisons with the experimental measurements, clear physical pictures, potential applications, and further generalizations to other emergent 2D materials. This title is aimed at researchers working with graphene and graphene-related materials and can be used to enhance potential future applications, including graphene-based electronic and plasmonic devices.
1. Introduction. 2. Theories for Electronic Excitations/Deexcitations in Layered Graphenes, 3D Graphites and 1D Carbon Nanotubes: Experimental Equipment. 3. Monolayer Graphene. 4. AA-Stacked Graphenes. 5. AB-Stacked Graphenes. 6. ABC-Stacked Graphenes. 7. AAB-Stacked Graphenes. 8. Sliding Bilayer Graphene. 9. Diversified Effects Due to a Perpendicular Electric Field. 10. Magnetoelectronic Excitations: Monolayer and Bilayer Graphenes. 11. 3D Coulomb Excitations of Simple Hexagonal, Bernal and Rhombohedral Graphites. 12. 1D Electronic Excitations in Metallic and Semiconducting Nanotubes. 13. Electronic Excitations in Monolayer Silicene and Germanene. 14. Coulomb Decay Rates in Graphene. 15. Concluding Remarks and Perspectives. 16. Problems.

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