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The Privacy Engineer's Companion, 1st ed. A Workbook of Guidance, Tools, Methodologies, and Templates

Langue : Anglais

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Learn to engineer privacy into software, systems, and applications. This book is a resource for developers, engineers, architects, and coders. It provides tools, methodologies, templates, worksheets and guidance on engineering privacy into software ? from ideation to release and beyond ?  whether it is for tools, technologies, products, systems, solutions, or applications.

The Privacy Engineer?s Companion: A Workbook of Guidance, Tools, Methodologies, and Templates can be used in conjunction with the 2014 ApressOpen bestseller, The Privacy Engineer?s Manifesto. It trains and equips users to engage in their own privacy scoping requirements workshops, write privacy use cases, or ?stories,? for agile development, document UI privacy patterns, conduct assessments; align with product and information security teams. And, perhaps most importantly, the book brings clarity to a vitally important need ? the protection of personal information -- that is often shrouded in mystery during the engineering process. Get from policy to code to QA to value, all within these pages.

What You?ll Learn:
  • How to think of the Fair Information Principles as actionable, normative statements
  • How to decode privacy into functional requirements that can be designed and coded
  • How to prepare and conduct a privacy scoping requirements workshop
  • How to translate privacy requirements into usable stories for agile development
  • How to guide user interface designers in designing privacy controls and interfaces
  • How to access software, systems, applications, and apps to see if the necessary privacy controls are in place
  • How to create privacy engineering documentation (such as data flow diagrams and privacy impact assessments) so that tribal lore is translated into institutional knowledge
  • How to access and ready the enterprise to support privacy engineering 

Who This Book Is For:
This book is designed for a wide audience and to serve multiple stakeholders. This audience consists of anyone involved in architecting, designing, developing, deploying, and reviewing systems, products, processes, applications, and apps that process personal information. This workbook will appeal to software/hardware engineers, technical program and product managers, support and sales engineers, system integrators, IT professionals, lawyers, and information privacy and security professionals.

Part 1: Foundational Building Blocks

Chapter 1. Privacy Foundations (Awareness)

Chapter 2. Privacy Engineering Tools (Building Blocks)
a. PIA
b. Diagrams (Context, Use Case, Business)
c. Privacy Policies

Chapter 3. Example Use Cases for Workbook
a. Low complexity
b. Medium complexity
c. High complexity

Chapter 4. Output from Privacy Engineer Tools (what do you get out of tools)

Chapter 5. Building the foundation from the outputs (What you do with what you get from the tools)

Chapter 6. Validating Your foundation (Validation of the outputs)

Chapter 7. Coaches Corner 

Chapter 8. FAQs

Part 2:  Framing the Requirements

Chapter 9. Privacy Scoping Workshop
a. 2-3 focused use cases based on product/solution idea (we will provide our sample use cases to them during prework).
b. Workshop will include the class workbook (attendees complete) and the facilitators workbook (how to lead a scoping workshop).

Chapter 10. Mapping Requirements to Use Case Stories (from (a) above
a. Walk through FIAPP and GAPP 

Chapter 11. Creating Detailed Data Flow Diagrams (based on Use Case Stories)
a. PIA tool captures data flows
b. Walk through FIPPs and GAPP 

Chapter 12. Turning Requirements into Process, Systems and Technologies
a. What Privacy Enhance Technologies are needed 
b. What Policies are needed
c. What Awareness and Training are needed

Chapter 13. Ensuring Pervasive Privacy Controls
a. From products -> solution -> enterprise

Part 3: Enabling A Privacy Aware Enterprise

Chapter 14. Assessing the Enterprise for Privacy DNA

Chapter 15. Building a Communications Program

Chapter 16. Building a Training Program

Chapter 17. Building a Data Governance Program

Chapter 18. Building an Incident Response and Management Processes

Chapter 19 . Creating and Using a Checklist for Acquisitions

Chapter 20. Defining Privacy Roles and Responsibilities for Your Organization

Chapter 21. Creating Metrics to Measure Privacy Maturity in the Enterprise (Chapter 13 in PEM)
Provides developers, engineers, and architects with practical, proven methodologies, guidance, tools, templates and worksheets for engineering and deploying products, systems, processes, and applications (and apps) that involve personal information

This book continues the work (started with The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto) to close the gaps in understanding privacy (and applying it to engineering) that have been created by attorneys, regulators, and compliance teams

Provides ever more practical methodologies, guidance, tools, templates and worksheets to support and accelerate the development of products, systems, processes, and applications that involve personal information

Gives today’s software developers, engineers, and architects a toolbox of methodologies, guidance, tools, templates and worksheets to jump start and train themselves to become privacy engineers and ensure they can identify, comprehend, and incorporate privacy requirements into the development of products, systems, services, applications, and apps that process personal information and impact privacy

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