SNA and TCP/IP integration and migration

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Thème de SNA and TCP/IP integration and migration

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This book shows how to configure, internetwork, and maintain a networking environment based on SNA and TCP/IP.
SNA. A perspective on SNA. SNA components. SNA networking software. SNA concepts and terms. SNA communication configuration requirements. SNA architecture. The role of AAPN and SNA in a single network. TCP/IP. Evolution of TCP/IP. Core components of TCP/IP. TCP/IP protocols and applications. TCP/IP routing. TCP/IP applications. How to use TCP/IP with SNA. TCP/IP and SNA compared and contrasted. How to implement TCP/IP and SNA. Routing TCP/IP data through SNA. Routing SNA data through TCP/IP. TCP/IP and SNA implementation devices. How to define TCP/IP to SNA. What to expect from merging TCP/IP and SNA.
Network managers and administrators (intermediate to advanced).