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Real time systems

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Real time systems
For courses in Real-Time Systems in Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments.
Written by a renowned authority, this advanced text comprehensively covers the tremendous recent advances in real-time operating systems and communications networks emphasizing research results that have been adopted in state-of-the-art systems. Describing how and discussing why, this book uses insightful illustrative examples to convey technology transition in the last ten years.
1. Typical Real-Time Applications.
2. Hard Versus Soft Real-Time Systems.
3. A Reference Model of Real-Time Systems.
4. Commonly Used Approaches to Hard Real-Time Scheduling.
5. Clock-Driven Scheduling.
6. Priority-Driven Scheduling of Periodic Tasks.
7. Scheduling Aperiodic and Sporadic Jobs in Priority-Driven Systems.
8. Resources and Resource Access Control.
9. Multiprocessor Scheduling and Resource Access Control.
10. Scheduling Flexible Computations and Tasks with Temporal Distance Constraints.
11. Real-Time Communications.
12. Operating Systems.
Figure and Table Captions.
Figures and Tables.
  • The most authoritative and comprehensive real-time systems book available.
  • Multiple examples - Illustrates each algorithm or protocol, enable students to learn the material at the detailed level, so that instructors have more time to discuss 'the big picture' concepts in class.
  • Emphasis on algorithms and methods for validation, explains to students the procedures and tools of schedulability analysis, as well as their limitations.
  • More than 100 illustrations, provide students with insightful examples to enhance their understanding of the verbal presentation, software available for hands-on projects.
  • Exercises on additional result - e.g., algorithms and protocols.
  • Present students with more challenging problems to expand their knowledge of chapter coverage. <

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