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Pro Oracle SQL Development , 1st ed. Best Practices for Writing Advanced Queries

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Pro Oracle SQL Development
Write SQL statements that are more powerful, simpler, and faster using Oracle SQL and its full range of features. This book provides a clearer way of thinking about SQL by building sets, and provides practical advice for using complex features while avoiding anti-patterns that lead to poor performance and wrong results. Relevant theories, real-world best practices, and style guidelines help you get the most out of Oracle SQL.

Pro Oracle SQL Development is for anyone who already knows Oracle SQL and is ready to take their skills to the next level. Many developers, analysts, testers, and administrators use Oracle databases frequently, but their queries are limited because they do not have the knowledge, experience, or right environment to help them take full advantage of Oracle?s advanced features. This book will inspire you to achieve more with your Oracle SQL statements through tips for creating your own style for writing simple, yet powerful, SQL. It teaches you how to think about and solve performance problems in Oracle SQL, and covers advanced topics and shows you how to become an Oracle expert.

What You'll Learn
  • Understand the power of Oracle SQL and where to apply it
  • Create a database development environment that is simple, scalable, and conducive to learning
  • Solve complex problems that were previously solved in a procedural language
  • Write large Oracle SQL statements that are powerful, simple, and fast
  • Apply coding styles to make your SQL statements more readable
  • Tune large Oracle SQL statements to eliminate and avoid performance problems

Who This Book Is For

Developers, testers, analysts, and administrators who want to harness the full power of Oracle SQL to solve their problems as simply and as quickly as possible. For traditional database professionals the book offers new ways of thinking about the language they have used for so long. For modern full stack developers the book explains how a database can be much more than simply a place to store data.

Part I: Learn How to Learn
Chapter 1: Understand Relational Databases
Chapter 2: Create an Efficient Database Development Process
Chapter 3: Increase Confidence and Knowledge with Testing
Chapter 4: Find Reliable Sources
Chapter 5: Master the Entire Stack

Part II: Write Powerful SQL with Sets and Advanced Features
Chapter 6: Build Sets with Inline Views and ANSI Join Syntax
Chapter 7: Query the Database with Advanced SELECT Features
Chapter 8: Modify Data with Advanced DML 
Chapter 9: Improve the Database with Advanced Oracle Schema Objects
Chapter 10: Optimize the Database with Oracle Architecture

Part III: Write Elegant SQL with Patterns and Styles
Chapter 11: Stop Coding and Start Writing
Chapter 12: Write Large SQL Statements
Chapter 13: Write Beautiful SQL Statements
Chapter 14: Use SQL More Often with Basic Dynamic SQL
Chapter 15: Avoid Anti-Patterns

Part IV: Improve SQL Performance
Chapter 16: Understand SQL Performance with Algorithm Analysis
Chapter 17: Understand SQL Tuning Theories
Chapter 18: Improve SQL Performance

Part V: Solve Anything with Oracle SQL
Chapter 19: Solve Challenging Problems with Arcane SQL Features
Chapter 20: Use SQL More Often with Advanced Dynamic SQL
Chapter 21: Level Up Your Skills with PL/SQL

Part VI: Appendixes
Appendix A: SQL Style Guide Cheat Sheet
Appendix B: Computer Science Topics
Jon Heller is an expert SQL and PL/SQL programmer with 17 years of Oracle experience. During that time he has worked as a database analyst, developer, and administrator. In his spare time he is active on Stack Overflow where he is a top user in the Oracle and PL/SQL tags. He enjoys creating open source software for Oracle, such as the remote execution program Method5. He has a master of computer science degree from North Carolina State University and lives in Iowa with his wife and two sons.
Covers Oracle SQL, which offers many powerful features beyond standard SQL

Focuses on writing readable SQL

Combines relevant computer science theories, real-world best practices, and an idealistic style

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Ouvrage de 465 p.

17.8x25.4 cm

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