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Operating systems : concurrent and distributed software design

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Operating systems : concurrent and distributed software design
Incorporating Java and UML, and with new chapters on system security, Linux, Windows 2000 and extensible operating systems (including the Java Virtual Machine), this new book, building on the operating systems (OS) coverage of Bacon s Concurrent Systems, places itself at the heart of the modern operating systems course. This new book contain sufficient detail on the standard topics for this course, and incorporates newer OS topics such as security, microkernels and embedded systems to complement the strong coverage of distributed systems. The case studies, covering a full suite of professional operating systems, enable the course to be taught as a blend of theory and practice, so that on completion of the course a student is able to adapt and build real operating systems that function within a distributed environment.

1. Introduction: Examples and requirements

PART I. Background and fundamentals

2. System structure and dynamic execution
3. The hardware interface, I/O and communications
4. Support for processes and threads
5. Fundamentals of distributed systems
6. Memory management
7. File management
8. Security

PART II. Single concurrent actions

9. System structure
10. Low-level synchronization primitives: Implementation
11. Low-level primitives: Use in systems and languages
12. Language primitives for shared memory
13. IPC and system structure
14. IPC without shared memory
15. Crash resilience and persistent data
16. Distributed IPC

PART III. Concurrent composite actions

17. Decomposable abstract operations
18. Resource allocation and deadlock
19. Transactions
20. Concurrency control
21. Recovery
22. Distributed transaction
23. Distributed computations

PART IV. Case studies

24. Unix and Linux
25. NT and Windows 2000
26. Extensible Operating Systems
27. Middleware
28. Transaction processing monitors and systems

Appendix: Evolution of computer systems

A.1 Introduction, technological and commercial context
A.2 Operating systems and distributed operating systems
A.2.1 Multiprogramming batch
A.2.2 Centralized time-sharing (interactive) systems
A.2.3 Workstations and personal computers
A.3 Middleware
A.3.1 Distributed programming, communications and services
A.3.2 Mobile and ubiquitous computing
A.4 Databases
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  • Incorporates Java throughout the book.
  • Case studies in Unix, Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, JVM.
  • Self-assessment questions in each chapter, coupled with more challenging exercises and projects.
  • Covers the latest developments in OS theory.

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