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Multimodal intelligent information prese ntation, (Text, speech & language techno logy, Vol. 27)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Multimodal intelligent information prese ntation, (Text, speech & language techno logy, Vol. 27)
Intelligent Multimodal Information Presentation relates to the ability of a computer system to automatically produce interactive information presentations, taking into account the specifics about the user, such as needs, interests and knowledge, and engaging in a collaborative interaction that helps the retrieval of relevant information and its understanding on the part of the user. The volume includes descriptions of some of the most representative recent works on Intelligent Information Presentation and a view of the challenges ahead.
INTRODUCTION Part I: LIFE LIKE CHARACTERS I. POGGI, C. PELACHAUD, F. DE ROSIS, V. CAROFIGLIO AND B. DE CAROLIS / Greta: A Believable Embodied Conversational Agent P. PAGGIO AND B. JONGEJAN / Multimodal Communication in Virtual Environments M. THEUNE, D. HEYLEN AND A. NIJHOLT / Generating Embodied Information Presentations Part II: MOBILE PRESENTATIONS J. BAUS, A. KRÜGER AND C. STAHL / Resource-Adaptive Personal Navigation O. STOCK, M. ZANCANARO AND E. NOT / Intelligent Interactive Information Presentation for Cultural Tourism T. RIST / Supporting Mobile Users through Adaptive Information Presentation Part III: NATURAL LANGUAGE GENERATION E. ANDRÉ, K. CONCEPCION, I. MANI AND L. VAN GUILDER / Autobriefer: A System for Authoring Narrated Briefings G. CARENINI AND C. CONATI / Generating Tailored Worked-Out Problem Solutions to Help Students Learn from Examples J. CALDER, A.C. MELENGOGLOU, C. CALLAWAY, E. NOT, F. PIANESI, I. ANDROUTSOPOULOS, C.D. SPYROPOULOS, G. XYDAS, G. KOUROUPETROGLOU AND M. ROUSSOU / Multilingual Personalized Information Objects P. PIWEK, R. POWER, D. SCOTT AND K. VAN DEEMTER / Generating Multimedia Presentations from Plain Text to Screen Play C. ZINN, J.D. MOORE AND M.G. CORE / Intelligent Information Presentation for Tutoring Systems Part IV: VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY B. BELL, S. FEINER AND T. HÖLLERER / Maintaining Visibility Constraints for View Management in 3d User Interfaces W. SWARTOUT, J. GRATCH, R. HILL, E. HOVY, R. LINDHEIM, S. MARSELLA, J. RICKEL AND D. TRAUM / Simulation Meets Hollywood P.L. WEISS / Presentation Technologies for People with Disabilities Part V: FUTURE DIRECTIONS H. BUNT, M. KIPP, M. MAYBURY AND W. WAHLSTER / Fusion and Coordination for Multimodal Interactive Information Presentation INDEX

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