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Energy Efficient Design of Wireless Sensor Networks

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Energy Efficient Design of Wireless Sensor Networks

Energy Efficient Design of Wireless Sensor Networks explores how to optimize energy supply in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which is more complex than in conventional wired networks because it involves not only reducing the energy consumption of a single sensor node, but also maximizing the lifetime of an entire network. The book focuses on mobile wireless sensor networks characterized by poor connectivity, examining ways to exploit the mobility of nodes to optimize their energy consumption and maximize the lifetime of the entire network on two main levels, the neighbor's discovery phase and data transfer methods.

  • Focuses exclusively on mobile sensor networks
  • Exploits mobile WSN specificities to conserve the maximum energy initially deployed on sensors to extend the lifetime of the whole network
  • Offers a new paradigm of conservation and energy optimization techniques in two levels, the neighbor discovery phase and data routing method
  • Examines the idea of how to exploit the mobility of nodes to optimize their energy consumption

1. Introduction 2. Green wireless sensor networks 3. Routing algorithms for opportunistic networks 4. Design techniques of the neighbors discovery phase 5. Energy efficient routing in mobile sensor networks 6. Conclusion

Scientists, engineers, researchers and post-grads working on energy efficient techniques for wireless sensor networks, green networking and the most suitable approaches to optimize energy consumption in wireless networks and communications.
Nouha SGHAIER is a Temporary Teaching and Research Fellow at Networks and Telecommunications (N&T) Department of the University La Rochelle. She obtained in 2013 her PhD in Computer Science from the Paris-Est Créteil University (UPEC) and in 2009 a Master of Research in Computer Systems, at University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), after an Engineering Diploma in Telecommunications, in 2008 at Higher School of Communications of Tunis (SUP’COM), Tunisia. Her research focuses on energy optimization techniques and routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. Nouha has several publications in international journals and conferences.
Abdelhamid Mellouk is a Senior Member of IEEE and Chair of IEEE ComSoc TC Communications Software. He received his Ing. degree in 1989 and graduated in Computer Network Engineering from the University of Paris Sud XI Orsay. He received his Ph.D. in informatics Engineering from the same university and the Doctorat of Sciences (Habilitation) Diploma from the Paris-Est University (UPEC). Founder of Network research activity, his general area of research is in high-speed new generation wired/wireless networking and quality of service.

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