Decision Support Systems in the Internet Age (Journal of Decision Systems Vol.12 N° 2/2003)

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The DSIAge 2002 international conference in Cork was designed as a widely open conference in order to attract researchers from a broad range of related areas. The goals of the conference were defined as follows: "The Internet Age and the many changes it has brought into our world have made it necessary to develop new approaches to decision making and decision support. This idea emerged from a series of working conferences organised every two years by the IFIP 8.3 Working Group on Decision Support Systems (DSS) since 1981. The large spread of decision problems, the constant evolution of the use of DSSs, and of collective/distributed tools in the Internet Age mean that research in this domain can no longer be contained in the traditional DSS perspective". Amongst the papers presented in this meeting, we selected those most closely focused on Decision Support Systems in the Internet Age to feature in this special issue. This special issue is composed of a theoretical section and a practical, more applied section. The first section contains three conceptual descriptions of the potential for new ideas using the Internet and Web-technologies. The second section contains two case studies of organisations where the tangible benefits that can be derived from these new types of distributed systems are exploited and a report on the development of an actual system. Decision Support Systems in the Internet Age provides a useful basis for further research in a domain which, no doubt, will receive more and more attention from researchers in the near future. In particular, it provides key reflections and experiences for today's designers of DSS, who must face up to the challenges of creating modern DSS that use leading edge technologies.
  • Editorial
    - pp.119-121
  • Technology Support for Communication and Understanding
    S. Smoliar, R. Sprague - pp.123-139
  • A Decentralized Approach to Distributed Decision Support Systems
    A. Gachet, P. Haettenschwiler - pp.141-158
  • The Design and Implementation of a Flexible Web-based Decision System
    D. Sundaram, J. Dong, A. Srinivasan - pp.159-176
  • AGRIS A Portal with Decision Support System for Agribusiness
    J. Havlicek, Z. Havlicek, J. Vanek, E. Silerova - pp.177-191
  • Building Spatial Decision Support Tools for Individuals and Groups
    G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko, P. Jankowski - pp.193-208
  • Using the Internet to Support the Patient Treatment Decision Process
    R. Meredith - pp.209-224
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