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Applied Machine Learning for Smart Data Analysis Computational Intelligence in Engineering Problem Solving Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Dey Nilanjan, Wagh Sanjeev, Mahalle Parikshit N. , Pathan Mohd. Shafi

Couverture de l’ouvrage Applied Machine Learning for Smart Data Analysis

The book focusses on how machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) has empowered the advancement of information driven arrangements including key concepts and advancements. Ontologies that are used in heterogeneous IoT environment have been discussed including interpretation, context awareness, analyzing various data sources, machine learning algorithms and intelligent services and applications. Further, it includes unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning techniques with study of semantic analysis and sentimental analysis of reviews. Divided into sections as machine learning, security, IoT and data mining, the concepts are explained with practical implementation including results.

Key Features

Follows an algorithmic approach for data analysis in machine learning

Introduces machine learning methods in applications

Address the emerging issues in computing like deep learning, machine learning, internet of things and data analytics

Focuses on machine learning techniques namely unsupervised and semi-supervised for unseen and seen data sets

Case studies are covered relating to the human health, transportation and internet applications

Machine Learning

1. Hindi and Urdu To English Named Entity Statistical Machine Transliteration Using Source Language Word Origin Context

2. Anti-Depression Psychotherapist Chat-Bot for Exam And Study Depression

3. Deep Learning for HealthCare Information’s

4. Priority based Message Forwarding Scheme in VANET with Intelligent Navigation

5. Plagiasil: "A Plagiarism Detector"(MAS Scalable Framework for Research Effort Evaluation by Unsupervised Machine Learning - Hybrid Plagiarism Model)

Machine Learning in Data Mining

6. Digital image processing using Wavelets Basic principles and application

7. Placements Probability Predictor Using Data Mining Techniques

8. Big Data Summarization using Modified Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm, Semantic Feature and Data Compression Approach

9. Topic specific Natural Language Chatbot as General Advisor for College

Machine Learning in IoT

10. Implementing Ubiquitous Environment In Museum

11. Implementation of Machine Learning in Education Sector: Analyzing causes behind average student grades

12. Traffic Zone Warning and Violation Detection using Mobile Computing

Machine Learning in security

13. A Comparative Analysis and Discussion of Email Spam Classification Methods using Machine Learning Techniques

14. Malware Prevention and Detection System for SmartPhone: A Machine Learning Approach

15. Spam Review Detection and Recommendation of Correct Outcomes Based on Appropriate Reviews


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