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3ds Max Basics for Modeling Video Game Assets Volume 1

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Couverture de l’ouvrage 3ds Max Basics for Modeling Video Game Assets

A textbook for learning 3d modeling fundamentals, this step-by-step lesson book builds the readers modeling skills through a series of modeling exercises. As the text introduces new modeling skills it additionally calls on the reader to perform repetitive tasks, reinforcing skills learned in the process. The content is presented as if the reader is in a working video game studio, being responsible for researching asset design, providing the team with placeholder assets, and final model assets that are unwrapped and custom textured. Although the text uses Autodesk 3ds Max for the modeling program, the principals are transferable to other major modeling programs.


Key Features

  • The goal of this book is to teach the fundamentals of 3d modeling video game assets in a simplified, logical progression, optimized for learning at a beginner level.
  • This series of modeling exercises is the result of having taught close to one thousand video game students the fundamentals of 3d modeling.
  • Often, teachers are not fully trained in teaching the concepts of 3d modeling. This text, written for self-paced learning helps those instructors.
  • Includes chapter exercises that reinforce the skills learned as well as PowerPoint Lecture outlines and a test bank.
  • Appendices include a 3ds Max user interface and 3ds Max short cut keys.
  • Introduction. Introduction to 3D Modeling. Modeling the Entrance Pillars. Modeling the Curtain Wall. Modeling the Gate House. Modeling the Turret. Modeling the Keep. Modeling the Terrain and Assembly of Modules. Modeling the Cannon. Unwrapping and Texturing an Object. Exporting to a Game Engine. Appendix.

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