Process industry procedures and training manual

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Introduction. Installing the System. Job Analysis. Training Plan. Standard Operation Procedures Job Specific. Standard Operating Procedures Area Documents. Skill Demonstrations. Compliance Verification. Control Room Jobs. Maintenance Jobs. Support Jobs. Managers, Supervisors, and Engineers. Creating and Editing Documents. Document Tracking and Recordkeeping. Progress Reports to Management. New Plants and Obsolete Plants. Pre-Workshop Materials. Organizations, and Electronic Document Management System. Computer File Structure and Record Maintenance. Editorial Instructions. Glossary. Abbreviation. Mathematical Symbols. System International (SI) Units, and Chemicals and Formulas. Examples of Training Plans. Examples of Standard Operating Procedures. Templates (on Disk).
This handbook and disk package helps plant, chemical and environmental managers fulfil OSHA requirements in preparing training procedures, documentation and examinations for chemical workers. Based on the authors in-plant experience, the books 100 fill-in forms and training plan examples take managers step by step through effective training procedures, process documentation and examination preparation for personnel who must execute very specific and intricate tasks.