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Botanical Miracles Chemistry of Plants That Changed the World

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Botanical Miracles

As the shortcomings of purely synthetic approaches to biochemical discovery and development are becoming more apparent, a renaissance of interest in the chemistry of natural products as sources for new compounds is occurring. A unique approach to natural products chemistry, Botanical Miracles: Chemistry of Plants That Changed the World relates applications of plant extracts to the historical progress of civilization. It focuses on selected plants from around the world, connecting their stories and properties to the development of modern marvels such as medicinal compounds, nutrition products, beverages, perfumes and organic pigments. Each chapter describes a particular group of plant extracts from various perspectives, including their chemistry, interest and value to man and historical background. The ends of the chapters pose challenging questions.

Introducing plants that are emerging into more prominent roles in human life and addressing current challenges, Botanical Miracles presents a fascinating point of entry to the chemistry of important natural products. It examines plants and their extracts through the key functional groups, building blocks and concepts of organic chemistry. This book provides, in a single source, information and learning opportunities of value to a wide range of individuals involved in the fields of chemistry, medicine, nutrition or cosmetics whether they be students, educators, researchers or those who simply wish to extend their horizons.

Aims and Purpose
. Importance and Role of Natural Products
. Organic Chemistry

Medical Marvels
. Introduction
. Central America’s Humble Potato!
. Europe Solves a Headache! Emergence of Aspirin
. Attacking Malaria: A South American Treasure (but Not Gold) and a Chinese Miracle
. A Steroid in Your Garden
. Africa’s Gift to the World
. Saving the Pacific Yew Tree

Modern Miracles of Foods and Ancient Grains
. Introduction
. Rediscovering Traditional Grains of the Americas: Chia and Quinoa
. Foods of the Fertile Crescent: Ancient Wheat
. Asian Staple: Rice
. Chinese Cordyceps: Winter Worm, Summer Grass
. Garlic and Pungent Smells

. Introduction
. Tea: From Legend to Healthy Obsession!
. Cocoa (Cacao): Food of the Gods
. Coffee: Wake Up and Smell the Aroma!
. Maca from the High Andes in South America

. Introduction
. Morphine: A Two-Edged Sword
. Cannabis and Marijuana
. Coca and Cocaine
. Tobacco: A Profound Impact on the World

Exotic Potions, Lotions and Oils
. Introduction
. A Plant from the East Indies: Camphor
. Biblical Resins: Frankincense and Myrrh
. European Lavender
. Global Aloe

Colorful Chemistry: A Natural Palette of Plant Dyes and Pigments
. Introduction
. Our World of Green Plants: Human Survival
. Saffron and Carotenoids: Yellow and Orange Dyes
. Woad (Isatis tinctoria) and Indigo
. Red Dyes from Henna, Dyer’s Bugloss and Madder
. Reversible Colors in Flowers, Berries and Frui
This book is intended for graduates and undergraduates in chemistry and pharmacognosy. It also would be useful to researchers in anthropology, biology, pharmacy and ethnobotany as well as to chemists interested in the history and development of medicines.

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