Water treatment essentials for boiler plant operation

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Make sure your boiler runs at maximum efficiency!

Do you know how much make-up water you need in your boiler? How much blowdown? How to calculate the amount of chemical you need to add, and when? This guide provides answers to these and many more questions about water treatment in industrial plants. It gives you a solid understanding of water treatment problems and solutions, so you can improve treatment efficiency and communicate more effectively with water treatment specialists and chief engineers. You get technical details of water treatment in a clear, precise, and easy-to-understand manner to help you handle daily concerns. It includes helpful suggestions on how to calculate amounts of chemical to be used in steam boilers, cooling towers, and ion exchange equipment, discusses scale, corrosion, algae growth, microbiological growth, and the chemicals and equipment used to control these problems, covers pumps, pump calculations, hydronic systems, control devices, and treatments, and much more.

Fundamentals. Cooling Systems. Measurements. Tower Problems. Tower Treatments. Control Devices. Hydronics Systems. Steam Facts. Steam Boilers. Pumps. Principles of Ion Exchange Softening. Gadgets.
This practical book offers clear, authoritative information on the basics of water treatment for a wide variety of plant equipment. Operators engineers, technicians and managers will learn the fundamentals of boiler room equipment operation, dealing with problems encountered when using water with the associated equipment, methods for solving these problems and basic engineering information associated with water treatment. With a minimum of theory, the book covers cooling towers, boilers, steam boilers, pretreatment of water and corrosion.