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Planning and urban design standards

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Planning and urban design standards
From the publishers of Architectural Graphic Standards, this book, created under the auspices of The American Planning Association, is the most comprehensive reference book on urban planning, design, and development available today. Contributions from more than two hundred renowned professionals provide rules of thumb and best practices for mitigating such environmental impacts as noise, traffic, aesthetics, preservation of green space and wildlife, water quality, and more. You get in-depth information on the tools and techniques used to achieve planning and design outcomes, including economic analysis, mapping, visualization, legal foundations, and real estate developments. Thousands of illustrations, examples of custom work by today s leading planners, and insider information make this work the new standard in the field. Order your copy today.
Introduction.PLANS AND PLAN MAKING. Plan Making. Plan Making. Types of Plans. Types of Plans. Comprehensive Plans. Urban Design Plans. Regional Plans. Neighborhood Plans. Downtown Plans. Corridor Plans. Redevelopment Area Plans. Transportation Plans. Housing Plans. Economic Development Plans. Community Facilities Plans. Parks and Open Space Plans. Critical and Sensitive Areas Plans. Hazard Mitigation Plans. Participation. Role of Participation. Stakeholder Identification. Surveys. Asset Mapping. Community Visioning. Charrettes. Public Meetings. Public Hearings. Public Notice. Computer-Based Public Participation. Facilitation. Consensus Building and Dispute Resolution. Planning Movements. The Landscape Tradition. Engineering Livable Cities. Garden Cities. City Beautiful. Practical Planning. Regionalism, 1910 To 1940. Public Housing and Urban Renewal. Measuring and Modeling. Advocacy and Equity Planning. Urban Growth and Environmental Concerns. Growth Management. Redesigning Downtown. Renewed Neighborhoods, New Towns, and New Urbanism. New Regionalism. Environmental Justice. Sustainability. Healthy Cities and Communities. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT. Environmental Management Overview. Environmental Planning Considerations. Air. Air quality. Air Sheds. Heat Islands. Water. Hydrologic Cycle. Watersheds. Aquifers. Groundwater Movement and Recharge. Rivers and Streams. Floodplains and Riparian Corridors. River and Stream Restoration. Types Of Wetlands. Wetlands Delineation. Wetlands Mitigation. Beach and Dune Systems. Estuaries, Flats, and Marshes. Land. Soils Classification and Mechanics. Slope, Relief, and Aspect. Habitat Patches, Corridors, and Matrix. Disturbance Zones. Biodiversity Protection. Invasive Species. Hazards. Flood Hazards. Erosion and sedimentation. Hurricanes and Coastal Storms. Landslides. Sinkholes and Subsidence. Earthquakes. Wildfires. Underground leaks. Hazardous Materials. Tsunamis and Seiches. Noise and Vibration. Multi-Hazards. STRUCTURES. Building Types. Residential Types. Manufactured Housing. Office Buildings. Manufacturing Facilities. Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Fire and Rescue Stations. Police stations. Medical Facilities. Transportation. Sidewalks. Hierarchy of Streets and Roads. Street Networks and Street Connectivity. Alleys and Driveways. Vehicle Turning Radii. Traffic Calming. Pedestrian Friendly Streets. Considerations For Determining Parking Ratios. Shared Parking. Passenger Vehicle Dimensions For Parking Design. Vehicle Circulation For Parking Design . Parking Space Dimensions. Parking Lot Design. On-Street Bikeways. Multi-User Trails. Transit Planning Process. Bus Transit. Bus Rapid Transit. Rail Transit. Inter/Multimodal Facilities. Airport and Land Use Interface. Airports: Airside. Airports: Landside. Utilities. Waste Management Overview. Transfer Stations. Landfills. Incinerators. Waste Diversion. Hazardous Waste Management. Composting . Wastewater Overview. Wastewater Collection Systems. Wastewater Treatment. Natural Treatment Of Wastewater. Stormwater Facilities. Water Supply. Water Treatment . Water Storage and Distribution. Water Conservation. Wireless Infrastructure Overview. Co-Location Of Wireless Equipment . Signage. Signs Generally. On-premise signs. Legal Issues In Sign Regulation. Parks and Open Space. Greenways and Trails. Conservation Areas. Playgrounds. Farming and Forestry. Farms. Feedlots. Forestry. PLACES AND PLACEMAKING. Regions. Regions. Theories of City Form. Urban Pattern Theories. Urban Morphology. Life-Cycle Model Of Land Use Change. Early Theories: Concentric Zones, Sector Theory, and Multiple Nuclei. Recent Theories: Dispersed City, Edge City, and Peripheral City. Places and Districts. Neighborhoods. Neighborhood Centers. Physical Structure Of Downtowns. Commercial Corridors. Historic Districts. Waterfronts. Specialty Retail Districts.

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