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Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment Proceedings of the Symposium on Life-Cycle Assessment of Pavements (Pavement LCA 2017), April 12-13, 2017, Champaign, Illinois, USA

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Al-Qadi Imad L., Ozer Hasan, Harvey John

Couverture de l’ouvrage Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment

An increasing number of agencies, academic institutes, and governmental and industrial bodies are embracing the principles of sustainability in managing their activities and conducting business. Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment contains contributions to the Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment Symposium 2017 (Champaign, IL, USA, 12-13 April 2017) and discusses the current status of as well as future developments for LCA implementation in project- and network-level applications. The papers cover a wide variety of topics:

- Recent developments for the regional inventory databases for materials, construction, and maintenance and rehabilitation life-cycle stages and critical challenges
- Review of methodological choices and impact on LCA results
- Use of LCA in decision making for project selection
- Implementation of case studies and lessons learned: agency perspectives
- Integration of LCA into pavement management systems (PMS)
- Project-level LCA implementation case studies
- Network-level LCA applications and critical challenges
- Use-phase rolling resistance models and field validation
- Uncertainty assessment in all life-cycle stages
- Role of PCR and EPDs in the implementation of LCA

Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment will be of interest to academics, professionals, and policymakers involved or interested in Highway and Airport Pavements.

Pavement life cycle assessment: A comparison of American and European tools
J. Santos, S. Thyagarajan, E. Keijzer, R. Flores & G. Flintsch

Lessons learned in developing an environmental product declaration program for the asphalt industry in North America
A. Mukherjee & H. Dylla

Current difficulties with creation of standardized digital climate calculations for infrastructural projects
L. Strömberg

Development of an environmental Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) protocol for flexible pavements that integrates life-cycle components to a proprietary software
F. Osmani, M. Hettiwatte, S. Kshirsagar, S. Senadheera & H.C. Zhang

Review and comparison of freely-available tools for pavement carbon footprinting in Europe
D.L. Presti & G. D’Angelo

Route level analysis of road pavement surface condition and truck fleet fuel consumption
F. Perrotta, L. Trupia, T. Parry & L.C. Neves

Impact of PCC pavement structural response on rolling resistance and vehicle fuel economy
D. Balzarini, I. Zaabar & K. Chatti

Cool pavement LCA tool: Inputs and recommendations for integration
H. Li, J.T. Harvey & A. Saboori

Rolling resistance and traffic delay impact on a road pavement life cycle carbon footprint analysis
L. Trupia, T. Parry, L.C. Neves & D.L. Presti

LCA case study for O’Hare International Airport taxiway A&B rehabilitation
J. Kulikowski

Exploring alternative methods of environmental analysis
A.F. Braham

An uncoupled pavement-urban canyon model for heat islands
S. Sen & J.R. Roesler

The importance of incorporating uncertainty into pavement life cycle cost and environmental impact analyses
J. Gregory, A. Noshadravan, O. Swei, X. Xu & R. Kirchain

Functional unit choice for comparative pavement LCA involving use-stage with pavement roughness Uncertainty Quantification (UQ)
M. Ziyadi, H. Ozer & I.L. Al-Qadi

Role of uncertainty assessment in LCA of pavements
S. Inti, M. Sharma & V. Tandon

Calculation method of stockpiling and use phase in road LCA: Case study of steel slag recycling
O. Yazoghli-Marzouk, M. Dauvergne, W. Chebbi & A. Jullien

Concrete pavement life cycle environmental assessment & economic analysis: A manitoba case study
M. Alauddin Ahammed, S. Sullivan, G. Finlayson, C. Goemans, J. Meil & M. Akbarian

Life-cycle assessment tool development for flexible pavement in-place recycling techniques
M.K. Senhaji, H. Ozer & I.L. Al-Qadi

Life-cycle assessment of road pavements containing marginal materials: Comparative analysis based on a real case study
M. Pasetto, E. Pasquini, G. Giacomello & A. Baliello

Integrated sustainability assessment of asphalt rubber pavement based on life cycle analysis
R. Cao, Z. Leng, M. Shu-Chien Hsu, H. Yu & Y. Wang

Environmental assessment and economic analysis of porous pavement at sidewalk
X. Chen, H. Wang & H. Najm

LCCA for silent surfaces
F.G. Praticò

Life cycle assessment and benchmarking of end of life treatments of flexible pavements in California
A. Saboori, J.T. Harvey, A.A. Butt & D. Jones

Life cycle assessment of pavements under a changing climate
O. Valle, Y. Qiao, E. Dave & W. Mo

Capitalizing green pavement: A method and valuation
X. Liu, D. Choy, Q. Cui & C.W. Schwartz

A methodology for sustainable mechanistic-empirical pavement design
N. Soliman & M. Hassan

Energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of high RAP central plant hot recycling technology using Life Cycle Assessment: Case study
Y. Lu, H. Wu, A. Liu, W. Ding & H. Zhu

Implementation of life cycle thinking in planning and procurement at the Swedish Transport Administration
S. Toller & M. Larsson

Emission-controlled pavement management scheduling
U.D. Tursun, R. Yang & I.L. Al-Qadi

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