Noise control manual for residential buildings

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Extract : Noise control principals. Design considerations. Controlling residential equipment noise. Regulations, codes, standard test methods. Three Ms of acoustics-myth, misconceptions, and mystery. Environmental noise control.
Noise Control Principals. Design Considerations. Residential Equipment Noise. Regulations, Codes, Standard Test Methods. Three Ms of Acoustics Myth, Misconceptions, & Mystery. Environmental Noise Control. Appendices: A: Acoustical Performance Data. B: Case Studies. C: Glossary of Acoustical Terms.
For builders, architects and designers, this book is the complete reference to noise control in residences. Because of the cacophony of sound generated by entertainment, travel, household conveniences and other technologically sophisticated equipment, today's homes demand new standards of construction to reduce noise. It meets the demand for solutions to noise pollution in homes, apartments, motels and hotels.