Design of wood structures, ASD (4th ed 1998)

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Thème de Design of wood structures, ASD (4th ed 1998)

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The best-selling textbook on crucial information about the design of wood structures incorporating the latest changes and additions in the major codes. It includes the latest information on wind and seismic loads, relevant timber building codes and focuses on Allowable Stress Design (ASD) methodology for timber structure design.
Wood buildings and design criteria. Design loads. Behavior of structures under load. Properties of wood and lumber grades. Structural glued-laminated lumber. Beam design. Axial forces and bending. Plywood. Horizontal diaphragms. Shearwalls. Nailed and stapled connections. Bolts, lag screws, and timber connections. Connection hardware. Diaphragm-to-shearwall anchorage.