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Tropical Islands Biodiversity Crisis:, 2011 The Indo-West Pacific Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation Series, Vol. 13

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Lane David J.W.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Tropical Islands Biodiversity Crisis:
This work assesses the issues facing biodiversity maintenance on tropical islands, and the impacts of biodiversity loss. The emphasis is on the Indo-West Pacific region, which includes many small islands where the biodiversity is under threat as a result of not only climate change and habitat destruction, but invasions by organisms previously absent from an island. The contributors are distinguished biodiversity scientists from inside and outside the region, and cover topics ranging from the state of conservation action in South-East Asia, the role of parks, and the status and threat to endemics, to impacts of oil and gas exploration and forest fragmentation. Issues needing still to be addressed, especially in relation to implications of biodiversity loss or change for the maintenance of ecosystem processes, are highlighted. The conclusions and case studies have lessons for all involved in the conservation of the biotas and ecosystems of islands. Previously published in Biodiversity and Conservation 19:2 2010
Introduction; David J.W. Lane.- The state and conservation of Southeast Asian biodiversity; Navjot S. Sodhi et al.- Why tropical island endemics are acutely susceptible to global change; Damien A. Fordham, Barry W. Brook.- Conservation of Borneo biodiversity: do small lowland parks have a role, or are big inland sanctuaries sufficient? Brunei as an example; Peter S. Ashton.- Re-assessing current extinction rates; Nigel E. Stork.- Late quaternary turnover of mammals in Borneo: the zooarchaeological record; Earl of Cranbrook.- Loss of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in Indo-Malayan peat swamp forests; Catherine M. Yule.- Invasive aliens on tropical East Asian islands; Richard T. Corlett.- Restoration of a tropical island: Cousine Island, Seychelles; Michael J. Samways et al.- Ecological aspects of endemic plant populations on Klang Gates quartz ridge, a habitat island in Peninsular Malaysia; K.M. Wong et al.- Bats of Borneo: diversity, distributions and representation in protected areas; Matthew J. Struebig et al.- Research priorities for bat conservation in Southeast Asia: a consensus approach; Tigga Kingston.- Insect extinctions on a small denuded Bornean island; Navjot S. Sodhi et al.- Vulnerable island carnivores: the endangered endemic dwarf procyonids from Cozumel Island; Katherine W. McFadden et al.- Distribution of endemic and threatened herpetofauna in Mt. Malindang, Mindanao, Philippines; Olga M. Nuñeza et al.- Fuelling the biodiversity crisis: species loss of ground-dwelling forest ants in oil palm plantations in Sabah, Malaysia (Borneo); Carsten A. Brühl, Thomas Eltz.- Effects of habitat fragmentation on the movement patterns and dispersal ability of the brown spiny rat (Maxomys rajah) in the Planted Forest Zone of Sarawak, Eastern Malaysia; Antony Bruce Shadbolt, Roslina Ragai.- Non-volant small mammal community responses to fragmentation of kerangas forests in Brunei Darussalam; Joseph K. Charles, Bee Biaw Ang.- Population genetic evidence for the east-west division of the narrow-barred Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson, Perciformes: Teleostei) along Wallace’s Line; Zohrah Haji Sulaiman, Jennifer R. Ovenden.- Case studies on decapods crustaceans from the Philippines reveal deep, steep underwater slopes as prima habitats for ‘rare’ species; Jose Christopher E. Mendoza et al.- The integration of biodiversity conservation with oil and gas exploration in sensitive tropical environments; Claude-Henri Chaîneau et al.

An authoritative assessment of issues related to biodiversity and conservation on tropical islands

Numerous case studies on an island or organismal basis

Includes new information on the implications of climate change and invasive organisms on biodiversity loss

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