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Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero Wastes Approaches

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Taherzadeh Mohammad, Bolton Kim, Wong Jonathan, Pandey Ashok

Couverture de l’ouvrage Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero Wastes Approaches

Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero Wastes Approaches covers waste reduction, biological, thermal and recycling methods of waste recovery, and their conversion into a variety of products. In addition, the social, economical and environmental aspects are also explored, making this a useful textbook for environmental courses and a reference book for both universities and companies.

  • Provides a novel approach on how to achieve zero wastes in a society
  • Shows the roadmap on achieving Sustainable Development Goals
  • Considers critical aspects of municipal waste management
  • Covers recent developments in waste biorefinery, thermal processes, anaerobic digestion, material recycling and landfill mining

1. Agricultural, industrial, municipal and forestry wastes: an overview 2. Life cycle assessments of waste managements 3. Waste refinery 4. An Overview of Solid Waste Management toward Zero Landfill: A Swedish Model 5. Factors affecting development of waste management 6. Sustainable Management of Solid Waste 7. Laws and Regulations Governing Waste Management: Institutional Arrangements Regarding Waste Management 8. Source Separation of Household Waste: Technology and Social Aspects 9. Composting of Wastes 10. Vermicomposting of wastes 11. Biogas from Wastes: Processes and Applications 12. Combustion of Wastes in Combined Heat and Power Plants 13. Gasification and Pyrolysis of Waste 14. Syngas fermentation for biofuels and biomaterials productions 15. Metal Recycling 16. Material and Energy Recovery from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities 17. Recycling of Thermoset Composites and plastics 18. Recycling of Papers and Fibers 19. Product Design for Material Recovery 20. Landfill Mining: On the Potential and Multifaceted Challenges for Implementation

Primary: Students (BSc, MSc and PhD) who study environmental engineering and relevant subjects, ie Bio-chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Secondary: Municiaplities, Companies that work on relevant topics

Mohammad J. Taherzadeh is professor in Biotechnology since 2004 at University of Borås in Sweden. He is also director of Resource Recovery, a research profile with about 50 researchers to convert wastes to energy and value-added products. Prof. Taherzadeh has PhD in Bioscience and MSc and Bsc in Chemical Engineering. He is working on converting wastes and residuals to ethanol, biogas, fish feed and superabsorbents, in which fermentation development using bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi has a heavy weight. Prof. Taherzadeh has more than 120 publications in scientific peer-reviewed journals, 10 book chapters and two patents. Mohammad is the panel chairman of “biotechnology, chemical technology and environmental technology” of Swedish Research Council, and also in the editorial board of Bioresource Technology and BioResources. Some of the papers published by him during last two years are listed as below:
Prof. Jonathan Wong is currently a Professor in the Department of Biology at the Hong Kong Baptist University, and Director of the Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture, and Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment and Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. He is also the Executive Director of Earth Tech Consultancy Co. Ltd. and Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification Ltd. Prof Wong has been working in the area of solid waste management with specialization in bioconversion of organic wastes using innovative composting and anaerobic digestion technology especially in the field of sustainable food waste treatment and conversion technologies for the production of bio-methane, compost etc. Over the years, he has received over HK$150 millions of research funding and published over 400 SCI publication and conference proceedings, 6 Books and 11 research patents with citation of > 10100 and H-index of 58. Professor Wong is an Academician of European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and fellow of Institute of Bioresource Association an

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