Standard handbook of hazardous waste treatment and disposal, 2nd ed.

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Standard handbook of hazardous waste treatment and disposal, 2nd ed.

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Overview of federal hazardous waste legislation regs. Hazardous waste sources and characteristics. Environmental assessment case studies. Waste oil. Low level rad wastes. Waste minimization/pollution prevention. Electrolytic recovery. Mercury recycling. Chemical oxidation and reduction. Dehalogeneration. Liquid injection incineration. Plasma systems. Continuous emission monitoring. Biological treatment processes. Hazardous waste treatment landfill. HW closure and post closure care. Hazardous waste spills. Sampling and monitoring of remedial action sites. Storage of hazardous wastes. Electronic resources for hazardous waste management.
Laws and Regulations. Hazardous Waste Characteristics. Hazardous Waste Topics and Issues. Special Hazardous Wastes. Pollution Prevention and Recycling. Hazardous Waste Recovery Processes. Physical and Chemical Treatment. Thermal Processes. Biological Processes. Land Storage and Disposal. Remediation Cost Estimating. Remedial Action Techniques and Technology. Sampling and Analysis. Hazardous Waste Storage. Electronic Resources.
This comprehensive book on hazardous waste treatment and disposal now includes new chapters on storage and transportation of hazardous wastes, hazardous waste spills and spill clean-ups, and low level red waste management. Industry experts discuss types and categories of hazardous waste, industry accepted and innovative waste treatment technologies, land disposal and remedial action.