McGraw Hill recycling handbook, 2nd ed 2000

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New chapter on recycling at large commercial facilities (theme parks, sports arenas). New coverage on recycling electronic devices, mercury containing devices and lamps and textiles and carpeting. Includes recycling contracts for municipalities, counties and commercial businesses.
Section I: The Basics of Recycling. Chapter 1: Recycling Overview and Growth. Chapter 2: Legislative Policies and Evaluations. Chapter 3: Characterizations of Waste Streams. Chapter 4: Setting Recycling Goals and Priorities. Chapter 5: Separation, Collection, and Monitoring Systems. Chapter 6: Processing Facilities for Recycling Materials. Chapter 7: Market Development: Problems and Solutions. Chapter 8: Financial Planning and Program Development. Chapter 9: The Psychology of Recycling. Section II: Recycling Materials. Chapter 10: Electronic Devices. Chapter 11: Papers. Chapter 12: Aluminum Cans. Chapter 13: Glass Beverage Bottles. Chapter 14: Plastics. Chapter 15: Steel Recycling. Chapter 16: Carpteing. Chapter 17: Textiles. Chapter 18: Tires. Chapter 19: Batteries. Chapter 20: Construction and Demolition Debris. Chapter 21: household Hazardous Wastes. Chapter 22: Mercury-containing Devices and Lamps. Section III: Recylcing Facilities and Equipment. Chapter 23: Transfer Stations. Chapter 24: Materials Recovery Facilities. Chapter 25: Integrating Recycling with Landfills and Incinerators. Chapter 26: Processing Yard Waste. Chapter 27: collection Vehicles and Equipment. Chapter 28: Processing Equipment.