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Industrial pollution prevention handbook

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Industrial pollution prevention handbook
Laws, regulations and government incentives. P2 programs : design and implementation. P2 implementation techniques. Product design for P2. Process design for P2. Generic pollution prevention. Industry specific techniques.
Pollution Prevention: A New Agenda Overview of Pollution Prevention. Laws, Regulations and Government Incentives: P2 Elements in U.S. Environmental Laws. Expanding Pollution Prevention Framework: Roles for State and Local Governments. Voluntary Programs. State Facility Planning Requirements. Incentives and Barriers. Industrial P2 Programs: Designing and Implementation: Designing and Maintaining a P2 Program. P2 and Total Quality Management. Examples of Successful P2 Programs. Agile Manufacturing. P2 Implementation Techniques: Facility Prevention Planning. Descriptive Approach for P2 Assessment. Application of Risk Analysis for Setting Priorities. The Bottom Line: Profitability Analysis of P2 Investments Using Total Cost Analysis. Accounting Principles for P2. Measuring P2 Progress. Product Design for P2: P2 Principles of Design. Life Cycle Assessment. Product Labeling. Process Design for P2: Process Development and Synthesis. Reaction Engineering. Separation Technologies. Pollution Prevention Through Process Control. Process Simulation. P2 Through Chemistry. Mixing as a Pollution Prevention Tool. Generic Pollution Prevention: Process Equipment for Cleaning and Degreasing. P2 in Coating Application and Removal. P2 in Office Operations. P2 in Laboratory Operations. Solvent Substitutes. Maintenance Operations and Pollution Prevention. Quantitative Methods of Determining Cleanliness. Materials Management. Water Management Techniques for Pollution Prevention. Industry Specific Techniques: An Overview of Potential Environmental Impact from Industrial Activity. Biotechnology and P2: Industry and Opportunity. P2 in the Electronics Industry. Industrial Waste Recycling at an Automotive Component Manufacturing. Foundries. P2 in the Power Generation Industry. Metals Fabrication. P2 in the Chemical Industry. P2 in the Petroleum Refining Industry. P2 in Electroplating Industries. P2 Automotive Manufacturing. Wood Furniture Finishing. Encouraging P2 Through Publicly Owned Treatment Works. P2 in the Textiles Insdustry. P2 in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Pharmaceuticals. P2 Organizations and Information Resources Sources.
This comprehensive industrial guide is aimed to prevent pollution instead of treating it. It provides the reader with up-to-date guidance about how they might benefit from incorporating pollution prevention strategies into the organization. Case studies are included.

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