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Handbook of Energy Economics and Policy Fundamentals and Application for Engineers and Energy Planners

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Rubino Alessandro, Sapio Alessandro, La Scala Massimo, Hallack Michelle

Handbook of Energy Economics and Policy: Fundamentals and Applications for Engineers and Energy Planners presents energy engineers and managers with analytical skills and concepts that enable them to apply simple economic logic to understand the interrelations between energy technologies, economics, regulation and governance of the industry. Sections cover the origins, types and measurement of energy sources, transportation networks, and regulatory and policy issues on electricity and gas at a global level, new economic and policy issues, including innovation processes in the energy industry and economic and policy implications. Final sections cover state-of-the-art methods for modeling and predicting the dynamics of energy systems.

Its unique approach and learning path makes this book an ideal resource for energy engineering practitioners and researchers working to design, develop, plan or deploy energy systems. Energy planners and policymakers will also find this to be a solid foundation on which to base decisions.

  • Presents key-concepts and their interrelation with energy technologies and systems in a clear way for ready application during planning and deployment of energy technologies and systems
  • Includes global case studies covering a wide array of energy sources and regulatory models
  • Explores methodologies for modeling and forecasting the impacts of energy technologies and systems, as well as their costs and possible business models

Part I - Traditional aspects of energy systems (or: Fundamentals of energy industries) 1. The energy system 2. Structural analysis of final energy demand 3. Energy supply 4. Energy transportation: gas 5. Energy transportation: electricity 6. Wholesale electricity markets 7. Retail electricity markets 8. Carbon markets 9. Regulation of electricity and gas industries 10. ICT and transmission business models

Part II - New issues in energy economics and policy 11. Energy innovation and the sustainability transition 12. Energy systems with intermittent renewables 13. Energy storage 14. Financing the transition 15. Energy-economy interactions: Space, sustainability and development 16. Geopolitics of renewable energy sources 17. Integrated assessment models

Part III - Methods and analytics 18. Agent-based simulation models 19. Forecasting of energy prices and volumes 20. Energy systems analytics and big data

energy engineering researchers, practitioners and graduate students. Professors of energy economics and policy in energy engineering-related graduate courses. Instructors in industry courses. Energy planners and policy makers

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