Environmental, health & safety portable handbook (paper)

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The current down-sizing trend has forced environmental, health and safety professionals to be a cross-disciplinary and cross-functional group. This book will be a hand-held, quick, easy-to-use reference for this diverse area. It is divided into four parts covering general information, environmental management, occupational health management, and safety management.

Part 1: General. A: Regulations and Voluntatry Initiatives Pertaining to Environmental, Health, and Safety. B: EHS Compliance Audits. C: Organizational Management. D: Worker Motivation. E: Accident Prevention. F: Risk and Incident Communication. G: Conversion Factors. H: Selected Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes.
Part 2: Environmental Management. A: Environmental Liability and Hazardous Waste Cleanup. B: Pollution Prevention (P2) and Design for Environment (DIE). C: Storage and Containment of Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste. D: Waste Treatment and Disposal Technologies. E: Waste and Stormwater Discharges and Management. F: Groundwater and Soil Monitoring. G: Air Emissions Assessment.
Part 3: Occupational Health Management. A: Chemical Hazards. B: Hearing Conservation. C: Ergonomics. D: Industrial Ventilation. E: Personal Protective Equipment. F: Lighting.
Part 4: Safety Management. A: Accident/Loss Prevention and Control. B: Electrical Safety. C: Machine Safety. D: Process and System Safety. E: Confined Space Safety. F: Fire Protection. G: Life Safety. H: Construction Safety.