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Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization (2nd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization
This fully revised, comprehensive guide to switching power supply and design contains new information relevant to solar power applications. Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization, Second Edition covers the design and optimization of electronic power supplies that incorporates switching regulators to effect the efficient conversion of electrical power. The book has been updated and expanded to include discussions of the latest advances in the field as well as increased breadth and depth of topics previously covered. New to this Edition: Discussion of modern synchronous DC-DC converters. Coverage of applications in solar power. Detailed information on interleaving and multi-phase operation. More derivations and solved examples. Chapters renamed and reorganized for easier use.

Ch. 1. Basic Switching Topologies and Selection of Components

Ch. 2. Constructing Modern DC-DC Converters from Basic Topologies

Ch. 3. Tapped-Inductor Topologies and Solved Examples

Ch. 4. Boundary/Discontinuous Conduction Mode Equations and Solved Examples

Ch. 5. Loop Stability of DC-DC Converters

Ch. 6. Charge Pumps, Techniques, and Applications of Modern DC-DC Converters

Ch. 7. Reference Equations and Graphs for DC-DC Converter Design

Ch. 8. Front-End of Off-Line Power Supplies

Ch. 9. Isolated Topologies for Off-Line Applications

Ch. 10. Concepts in Magnetics and Core Size Selection

Ch. 11. Selecting Inductors for DC-DC Converters

Ch. 12: Flyback Transformer and Clamp Design

Ch. 13. Forward Converter Magnetics Design

Ch. 14. Singled and Multilayer PCGs and Layout

Ch. 15. Thermal Management

Ch. 16. Practical EMI Filter Design

Ch. 17. More Things to Try

Ch. 18. Reliability, Testing, and Safety Issues


FAQ: Components and Topologies

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