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Microwave Filters for Communication Systems (2nd Ed.) Fundamentals, Design, and Applications

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Microwave Filters for Communication Systems
The Second Edition of this book provides a description of systems requirements and constraints for microwave filters, fundamental considerations in the theory and design of microwave filters, and the use of EM techniques to analyze and optimize filter structures. It addresses the many advances that have taken place since the publication of the First Edition and adds new chapters dedicated to tunable filters, examples and exercises, and the application of EM techniques for the physical realization of microwave filters and multiplexing networks.

1 Radio Frequency (RF) Filter Networks forWireless Communications—The SystemPerspective
2 Fundamentals of Circuit Theory Approximation
3 Characterization of Lossless Lowpass Prototype Filter Functions
4 Computer-Aided Synthesis of Characteristic Polynomials
5 Analysis of Multiport Microwave Networks
6 Synthesis of a General Class of the Chebyshev Filter Function
7 Synthesis of Network-Circuit Approach
8 Synthesis of Networks: Direct Coupling Matrix SynthesisMethods
9 Reconfiguration of the Folded Coupling Matrix
10 Synthesis and Application of Extracted Pole and Trisection Elements
11 Microwave Resonators
12 Waveguide and Coaxial Lowpass Filters
13 Waveguide Realization of Single- and Dual-Mode Resonator Filters
14 Design and Physical Realization of Coupled Resonator Filters
15 Advanced EM-Based Design Techniques for Microwave Filters
16 Dielectric Resonator Filters
17 Allpass Phase and Group Delay Equalizer Networks
18 Multiplexer Theory and Design
19 Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Tuning of Microwave Filters
20 High-Power Considerations in Microwave Filter Networks
21 Multiband Filters
22 Tunable Filters
23 Practical Considerations and Design Examples
A Physical Constants
B Conductivities of Metals
C Dielectric Constants and Loss Tangents of Some Materials
D RectangularWaveguide Designation
E Impedance and Admittance Inverters
E.1 Filter Realization with Series Elements
E.2 Normalization of the Element Values
E.3 General Lowpass Prototype Case
E.4 Bandpass Prototype

Richard J. Cameron, isthe formerTechnical Director at COM DEV International. Visiting Professor at the University of Leeds (UK), and is a Fellow of IEE and IEEE.

Chandra M. Kudsia, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo and former Chief Scientist, COM DEV International. He is a Fellow of IEEE, AIAA, CAE, EIC and IETE.

Raafat R. Mansour, PhD, is a Professor at the University of Waterloo and a former Director of R&D at COM DEV International. He is a Fellow of IEEE, CAE and EIC.

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