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High-accuracy switched-capacitor techniques: Applied to filter & ADC design (Analog circuits & signal processing), Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2007 Analog Circuits and Signal Processing Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage High-accuracy switched-capacitor techniques: Applied to filter & ADC design (Analog circuits & signal processing)
This book proposes alternative Switched Capacitor techniques which allow the achievement of higher intrinsic analogue functional accuracy than previously possible in such application areas as analogue filter and ADC design. The design philosophy is to create the required functionality without relying on digital calibration or correction means but instead to develop methods which have reduced dependence on both component matching, especially capacitor matching and parasitic effects, especially parasitic capacitance. However, the proposed techniques are just as amenable to further digital accuracy enhancement via calibration and/or correction as traditional methods. Two popular application areas are explored for exploitation of the proposed techniques, viz. SC filters and algorithmic ADCs - both cyclic and pipelined. Furthermore, efficient system level design procedures are explored in each of these two areas. The validity of the concepts developed and analyzed in Switched-Capacitor Techniques for High-Accuracy Filter and ADC Design has been demonstrated in practice with the design of CMOS SC bandpass filters and algorithmic ADC stages.
Abstract. Symbols and Abbreviations. 1: Introduction. 2: Key Concepts for Accurate SC Design. 3: SC Amplifier Design at Black-Box Level. 4: Amplifier Architectures for SC Applications. 5: Low-Sensitivity SC BPF Concepts. 6: High-Accuracy delta-QR SC BPF Design and Measurements. 7: ADC Design at Black-Box Level. 8: Design Criteria for Cyclic and Pipelined ADCs. 9: Capacitor Matching Insensitive High-Resolution Low-Power ADC Concept. 10: High-Accuracy ADC Design and Measurements. Main Conclusions. Bibliography. Index.
Professor Arthur van Roermund has (co-)authored and edited numerous books for Springer and he is well established within the Analog Circuit Design community

New techniques allow the achievement of higher intrinsic functional accuracy beyond the accuracy of component matching alone

Clear explanation on the practical limitations and trade-offs of designing accurate CMOS switched-capacitor circuits both at system level and at basic circuit level

Real world applications requiring accurate high-Q filters (e.g. 10.7MHz radio) and accurate stage transfers in algorithmic ADCs (cyclic and pipelined) are explored in CMOS using the new techniques developed

Since most of the power in switched capacitor circuits is dissipated in the amplifiers, a lot of emphasis is placed in this work on various strategies for optimal amplifier design for sampled data applications

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