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Foundations of Antenna Engineering A Unified Approach for Line-of-Sight and Multipath

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Foundations of Antenna Engineering

This is the first textbook that contains a holistic treatment of antennas both for traditional antennas mounted on masts (Line-of-Sight antenna systems) and for small antennas used on modern wireless devices such as smart phones being subject to signal variations (fading) due to multipath propagation. The focus is on characterization, as well as describing classical antennas by modern complex vector theory -- Thereby linking together many disciplines such as electromagnetic theory, classical antenna theory, wave propagation, and antenna system performance. Overall, this book represents a rethinking of the way basic antenna theory is presented. The book contains many references to important old and new papers and books on the analysis and design of the most useful antenna types, for the most interested readers. This book is accompanied by a MATLAB handbook that is used to present all graphs in the book. This can therefore be used to provide initial antenna designs before entering into time-consuming numerical simulations.

Introduction, History, and Terminology; Characterization of Directive Antennas; Characterization in Multipath; Theory of Radiation from Current Sources; Small Wire and Slot Antennas; Microstrip Antennas and Spectral Domain Methods; Radiation from Apertures; Horn Antennas; Reflector Antennas; Array Antennas; Fundamental Limitations; Appendices.

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