Electronic packaging of high speed and microwave circuitry

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Electronic packaging of high speed and microwave circuitry

Thème d'Electronic packaging of high speed and microwave circuitry

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Features of digital circuits. Microwave circuits. High speed digital design techniques. Microwave design techniques. Digital high speed circuit manufacture and test. Digital high speed circuit application. Microwave circuit applications. Mixed code technology.
High Speed Digital and Microwave Packaging. Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism Applied to Electromagnetics. Packaging Technologies for High Speed Digital and Microwave Circuits. Practical Design Details for Microwave Circuit Packaging. Microwave Circuit Assembly and Development. Transmission Lines: Effects and Analysis. Ideal Transmission Lines. Transmission-Line Interconnections: Load and Ends. Signal Reflections, Bandwidth, and Losses. Transmission Lines: Reflection Diagrams. Transmission Lines: Signal Levels. Interconnections: Routing to Critical Signals. ECL Transmission Lines and Terminations. Differential Line Drivers and Terminations.
This book provides guidelines for designing and packaging high speed circuitry, it details the role of materials selection and also covers manufacturing considerations. It discusses both high speed and microwave circuits, and their interrelations.