DSP primer (with CD ROM)

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This book provides nearly 200 mathematical methods, processing algorithms, and design procedures in a clear, concise, step-by-step format so that the reader can quickly select and implement an appropriate technique for the problem at hand. The CD-ROM contains several self-contained programs along with C++ and MATLAB software that allow readers to simulate techniques and plot signals and spectra produced by other software modules.
Preface Chapter 1: Some Essential Preliminaries Chapter 2: Continuous-Time Signals and Their Spectra Chapter 3: Noise Chapter 4: Linear Systems Chapter 5: Classical Analog Filters Chapter 6: Foundations of Digital Signal Processing Chapter 7: Transform Analysis of Chapter 8: Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) Chapter 9: Fast Fourier Transforms Chapter 10: Windows for Filtering and Spectral Analysis Chapter 11: FIR Filter Fundamentals Chapter 12: FIR Filter Design: Window Method Chapter 13: FIR Filter Design: Frequency Chapter 14: FIR Filter Design: Remez Chapter 15: IIR Filter Fundamentals Chapter 16: IIR Filter Design: Invariance and Pole-Zero Placement Methods Chapter 17: IIR Filter Design: Bilinear Transformation Chapter 18: Multirate Signal Processing: Basic Concepts Chapter 19: Structures for Decimators and Interpolators Chapter 20: Advanced Multirate Techniques 341 Chapter 21: Random Signals and Sequences 353 Chapter 22: Parametric Models of Random Processes 379 Chapter 23: Linear Prediction 389 Chapter 24: Adaptive Filters 403 Chapter 25: Classical Spectral Estimation 441 Chapter 26: Modern Spectral Estimation 457 Chapter 27: Speech Processing 469 Appendix A: Mathematical Tools 489 Index
Design engineers, students.