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Communications, computation, control and signal processing: a tribute to Thomas Kailath, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1997 a tribute to Thomas Kailath

Langue : Français

Coordonnateurs : Paulraj Arogyaswami, Roychowdhury Vwani, Schaper Charles D.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Communications, computation, control and signal processing: a tribute to Thomas Kailath
Communication and information systems (6 comm.). Mathematics and computation (9 comm.). Linear systems and control (7 comm.). Nonlinear systems and control (6 comm.). Signal processing (7 comm.).
1. Introduction, A. Paulraj, et al. 2. Norbert Wiener and the Development of Mathematical Engineering, T. Kailath. Part I: Communication and Information Systems. 3. Residual Noise After Interference Cancellation on Fading Multipath Channels, R.G. Gallager. 4. Generalized Decision-Feedback Equalization for Packet Transmission with ISI and Gaussian Noise, J.M. Cioffi, G.D. Forney, Jr. 5. Packet Radio Multiple Access, N. Abramson. 6. The Evolution of Mobile Communications, A. Paulraj. 7. Blind Equalization and Smart Antennas, G. Xu. 8. Complexity Management: A Major Issue for Telecommunications, D.G. Messerschmitt. Part II: Mathematics and Computation. 9. Horizontal, Vertical, Especially Diagonal, P.M. Dewilde. 10. Fast Inversion of Vandermonde and Vandermonde-Like Matrices, I.C. Gohberg, V. Olshevsky. 11. Improving the Accuracy of the Generalized Schur Algorithm, S. Chandrasekaran, A.H. Sayed. 12. Displacement Structure: Two Related Perspectives, H. Lev-Ari. 13. Structured Total Least Squares for Hankel Matrices, B.L.R. De Moor. 14. J-Lossless Conjugation for Discrete-Time Systems and Its Sequential Structure, W. Kongprawechnon, H. Kimura. 15. Semidefinite Programming Relaxations of Non-Convex Problems in Control and Combinatorial Optimization, S.P. Boyd, L. Vandenberghe. 16. Cooperative Cleaners: A Study in Ant Robotics, I.A. Wagner, A. Bruckstein. 17. Fundamental Issues in Atomic/Nanoelectronic Computation, M. Anantram, V. Roychowdhury. Part III: Linear Systems and Control. 18. Building Special Linear System Realizations of Special Transfer Functions, B.D.O. Anderson. 19. Generic Eigenvalue Assignability by Real Memoryless Output Feedback Made Simple, J.C. Willems. 20. Fundamental Limitations of Control System Performance, K.J. Å,strö,m. 21. LQG Control with Communication Constraints, V. S. Borkar, S.K. Mitter. 22. Modeling, Identification and Control, M. Gevers. 23. Identification an Digital Control of Very Flexible Mechanical Systems, I.D. Landau. 24. Frequency- Selective Dynamic Modeling: Experiences in Power Systems and Power Electronics, G.C. Verghese. Part IV: Nonlinear Systems and Control. 25. On the Nonlinear Standard H&infin, Problem, C. Foias, et al. 26. Some Aspects of Nonlinear Black-Box Modeling in System Identification, L. Ljung. 27. A New Class of Adaptive Nonlinear Systems, P. Kokotovi&cacute,, M. Krsti&cacute,. 28. Nonlinear Control of Constrained Dynamic Systems, D.Q. Mayne, W.R. Schroeder. 29. A System Theory for Production Lines, D. Jacobs, et al. 30. Simulated Annealing Approach to Group Technology, S.M. Sharma, N. Viswanadham. Part V: Signal Processing. 31. Speech Recognition by Machines, B.S. Atal. 32. Novel HOS-Based Approach to Stochastic Prediction and Estimation, T.S. Durrani, A.R. Leyman. 33. Principal Singular Vector Analysis for Separating Moving Objects in Noisy Perspective Images, S.Y. Kung, Y.-T. Lin. 34. A Deterministic Analysis for Learning Algorithms with Constant Learning Rates, R. Liu, et al. 35. Tomographic Deconvolution of Echograms, E.A. Robinson. 36.Antenna Arrays in Mobile Communications, B. Ottersten. 37. From Sinusoids in Noise to Blind Deconvolution in Communications, D.T. Slock. Index.
This book contains the proceedings of the conference held in Standford, USA, June 22-26, 1995. The thirty-eight papers highlight recent trends and results.

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