An Introduction to Packet Microwave Systems and Technologies

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Providing a thorough introduction to packet microwave systems and technologies, this unique book focuses on the architecture of microwave networks and the applications of packet microwaves, particularly in mobile backhaul. IP and data technologies which are the key differentiator of packet microwave systems are explored. Microwave applications and packet microwave, including radio equipment chain, full-indoor and outdoor applications, and operational aspects are presented along with packet microwave in hybrid applications and packet technologies for capacity scale. The structure of packet microwave network and mobile backhaul along with a glance at the evolution of packet microwave are discussed. Readers find support for end-to-end design of transmission services in this book.
- A Market Perspective on Packet Microwave
- Packet Microwave Technology
- Packet Microwave in Hybrid Applications
- Packet Technologies for Capacity Scale
- Microwave Applications and Packet Microwave
- Structure of a Packet Microwave Network
- Packet Microwave and Mobile Backhaul
- An Organic Approach
- A glance at the Evolution of Packet Microwave
Paolo Volpato is currently an IP solutions manager in the Global Solutions Elite Team (GSET) Europe Brance at Huawei Technologies. Previously he was a product strategy manager at Alcatel-Lucent.