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Workbook for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4th Ed., 4th ed. 2020) Theory, Practice and Context Springer Texts in Business and Economics Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Workbook for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This book provides an overview of the theory, practice and context of entrepreneurship and innovation at both the industry and firm level. It provides a foundation of ideas and understandings designed to shape the reader?s thinking and behaviour to better appreciate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in modern economies, and to recognise their own abilities in this regard. The book is aimed at students studying advanced levels of entrepreneurship, innovation and related fields as well as practitioners (for example, managers, business owners).

As entrepreneurship and innovation are largely indivisible elements and cannot be adequately understood if studied separately, the book provides the reader with an overview of these elements and how they combine to create new value in the market. This edition is updated with recent international research, including research and examples from Europe, the US, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship as a social and economic process.- Chapter 2: The Entrepreneur.- Chapter 3: The entrepreneurial process.- Chapter 4: Intrapreneurship.- Chapter 5: Innovation in small firms.- Chapter 6: Adoption and diffusion of innovation.- Chapter 7: Planning, business models and strategy.- Chapter 8: Team building, company leadership and strategic alliances.- Chapter 9: Financing the venture.- Chapter 10: Intellectual property management.- Chapter 11: Risk management and innovation.- Chapter 12: Disruptive innovations and the commercialisation of technology.- Chapter 13: Social entrepreneurship and cooperative enterprise.

Tim Mazzarol is a Winthrop Professor within the UWA Business School where he specialises in entrepreneurship, innovation, small business management, marketing and strategy. He is a Qualified Professional Market Researcher (QPMR) with the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). In addition, Tim is an Affiliate Professor of the Burgundy School of Business, Group ESC Dijon, Bourgogne France.  He is also the Coordinator of the UWA Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit (CERU), and Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI), and a Director of the Commercialisation Studies Centre (CSC) Ltd.

Over the course of his academic career he has published a wide range of books, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers and industry reports. Tim's research interests focus on the globalisation of higher education, word of mouth marketing, business strategy, commercialisation and innovation management, small business, co-operative and mutual enterprises, business model design and marketing. In addition to his academic work Tim has been a shareholder and non-executive director of several small firms as well as a member of boards of non-profit organisations. He is actively involved in consulting to a range of organisations both large and small. In addition to his research and teaching within he is a sought-after speaker and industry trainer in the fields of strategic management, marketing and innovation.

Sophie Reboud is professor of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Management of Innovation at the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France and an honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia. She has fifteen years of experience as a researcher and consultant in the field of management and strategy of small firms. Originally trained as an agronomist she served as a research engineer for École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris for five years, and completed her PhD there. Sophie's re

Offers a unique blend of entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation content

Creates entrepreneurial awareness and develops analytical and creative skills

Encourages the self-development of readers into entrepreneurial business owners or employees

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