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Water in the middle east: potential for conflicts and prospects for cooperation (paperback), 1998 Potential for Conflicts and Prospects for Cooperation

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Scheumann Waltina, Schiffler Manuel

Couverture de l’ouvrage Water in the middle east: potential for conflicts and prospects for cooperation (paperback)
The book deals with the potential conflicts over shared rivers in the Middle East, and with approaches towards cooperation regarding the Euphrates and Tigris, the Jordan and the Nile Rivers. Far from echoing the warnings about imminent water wars, the book highlights the potential for water savings and for cooperation in many fields inside and outside the water sector. Such creative approaches may foster interdependence, build trust, and create the incentives and conditions for an equitable sharing of international water resources in the Middle East. The text of the International Water Convention is also included. litically strained situations, if the expected costs of non-agreement are perceived as too high. If cooperation is beneficial to all Middle East nation states, it is easier to shift from overemphasis on national sovereignty to the concept of restricted national sovereignty and integrity which corresponds to international law.
Part I: Legal, Political and Economic Perspectives on Water Conflicts. - International Water Law. - International Water Agreements: A Comparative View. - The Middle East Peace Process: Obstacles to Cooperation over Shared Waters. - Transboundary Externalities and Regional Integration. - Contested Waters: Dividing or Sharing?. - Part II: Regional Studies. - The Jordan River Basin: Prospects for Cooperation within the Middle East Peace Process?. - Conflicts on the Euphrates: An Analysis of Water and Non-Water Issues. - Conflicts over the Nile or Conflicts on the Nile?. - ...
Das Buch diskutiert die Möglichkeiten des Wasser-Managements im Mittleren Osten.
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