Tourism planning: Policies, processes & relationships (2nd Ed.)

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The new edition of this text is positioned - through its broad coverage, accessible style and presentation, and practical application - as the core learning resource for students of tourism planning. With an increased applied focus, a wider range of international case studies and examples, and two new chapters highlighting sustainability as a core tourism concern in the world today, the new edition will appeal across the spectrum of tourism students and practitioners from business and management and the social sciences. Tourism and Planning is an essential text for students on travel and tourism degrees and will be of key interest to students and practitioners in related fields including management, marketing, geography, development studies and regional planning.

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1 Inside the 'black box' of tourism planning and policy: Setting a context

2 Tourism planning and policy: Responding to change - The sustainable imperative

3 The changing dimensions of tourism planning

4 Tourism planning systems: theory, thinking and exorcism

5 The integrated and strategic tourism planning process: dealing with interdependence

6 Tourism planning and policy at the international and supranational levels

7 Tourism planning and policy at the national and sub-national levels

8 Planning destinations: competition and cooperation

9 Planning sites: sustainable design

10 Implementation and instruments: policy and implementation as two sides of the same coin

11 Conclusions and reflections: thinking sustainable planning