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The Political Economy of Mega Projects in Asia Globalization and Urban Transformation Regions and Cities Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Shin Hyun Bang, Gimm Dong-Wan

The growth of urban real estate development has been a key recent facet of the globalization of Asian economies.

This bookcompares and analyses how the aspirations of Asian states have been reflected in the course of (re-)writing the urban landscape, and considers the role of scalar politics. The contributors argue that mega-projects embody the dynamics of the multi-scalar strategic relations that determine the process and outcome of urbanization. Bringing together a range of urbanization experiences from South Korea, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China and Indonesia, the book explores the role of specific political and economic interests in shaping cities, and the role of local communities, nascent advocacy groups and popular struggles in contesting the state-led mega-projects.

Introduction: Asian Urbanization and the Politics of Scale in Mega-Projects

Hyun Bang Shin and Dong-Wan Gimm

[Part 1] The Political Economy of Urbanization and Mega-projects

  1. National Mega-project and the Mobilization of Urban Development in South Korea
  2. Dong-Wan Gimm

  3. Coping with Crisis in Developmental Urbanization: The Yongsan Mega-Project in Seoul
  4. Hyun Bang Shin

  5. Smart City or Real Estate Hoax? The Rise of Zone-City in East Asia
  6. Jinn-yuh Hsu

  7. Multi-scalar Dynamics driving India’s Urban Megaprojects: Speculative Urbanization and the IT Corridor in Chennai
  8. Loraine Kennedy

  9. Political Economy of the Large Scale Transportation Projects in Istanbul: State, Capital and Partnerships in Urban Mega-Projects
  10. Cagri Carikci

    [Part 2] Planning and Governing Mega-projects

  11. Erasing Lee Tung Street: Class and Difference in the Urban Redevelopment of Hong Kong
  12. Bart Wissink

  13. The Majestic Axis of Guangzhou and the Political Reinvention of Urban Form
  14. Francesca Frassoldati, Alessandro Armando

  15. The Politics of Peri-urban Mega-projects in Jakarta Metropolitan Area: From Privatization to Networking strategies
  16. Delik Hudalah

  17. City of Enclaves: Urban Governance and Citizen Planners in Gurgaon
  18. Shoshana Goldstein

  19. Manufacturing Cities: Industrial Policy and Urban Planning in India
  20. Neha Sami and Shriya Anand

  21. Conclusion: Urban Futures and Asian Urbanisation

Hyun Bang Shin and Dong-Wan Gimm


Bae-Gyoon Park

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