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The futures game : who wins, who loses and why (3rd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The futures game : who wins, who loses and why
Since it first exploded onto the markets in 1974, THE FUTURES GAME has helped thousands of traders gain an intelligent understanding of futures markets. Over the years, Richard Teweles and Frank Jones have kept their fingers on the pulse of the dynamic futures trading industry, first updating their classic text in 1987. Now, this third edition of THE FUTURES GAME has been completely updated and revised to keep all participants whether speculators or hedgers, new or veteran one step ahead of this fast moving, high-stakes game. Combining two decades of strength and wisdom with todayÕs most innovative research and strategic recommendations, this guide to the futures markets continues its reign as the number one tool for futures trading mastery. THE FUTURES GAME, 3rd Edition, walks you through the universe of futures trading possibilities and opportunities, starting with an in-depth discussion of market basics that includes the nature of the contract, the organized markets for those contracts, and the relationship between cash and futures prices. The elements of successful trading are isolated, described, and analyzed to make you familiar with profitable decision-making processes. After that, detailed chapters devoted to particular markets explain price determinants and speculative possibilities within currencies, commodities, and stock index futures. "Notes from a Trader" sections go beyond theory and speculation to provide valuable tips and pointers expert guidance you can use to squeeze the maximum benefit from each trade. The comprehensive facts and insights packed into this traderÕs bible will help you predict what might happen and why it might happen in virtually every kind of market. New information in this important third edition includes: Latest research on important topics including efficient market hypothesis, technical and fundamental analysis, and much more É A comprehensive listing of valuable Internet website names and addresses. Stronger emphasis on financial instruments É Innovative strategies for maneuvering through the increasingly important international market É Completely revised sections devoted to Basics of the Game, Playing the Game, How to Win or Lose, Succeeding as a Broker, and Choosing the Correct Markets. Filled with knowledgeable trading strategies and insights, revealing charts on todayÕs most interesting futures markets, and numerous respected trading approaches that will allow you to craft a style based on your own strengths and requirements, THE FUTURES GAME is likely to become the one resource you refer to most often.

Part 1: Basics of the Game. Why Trade Futures? The Nature of the Futures Markets. The Mechanics of Futures Trading. The Behavior of Futures Prices.
Part 2: Playing the Game Trading. Approaches to Trade Selection: Fundamentals. Approaches to Trade Selection: Technical Analysis. Spreads. Options. The Game Plan. Money Management.
Part 3: Losers and Winners. Who Wins? Who Loses? And Why?
Part 6: The Broker in the Game. Building, Maintaining, and Serving a Futures Clientele. Compliance: I'll See You in Court.
Part 5: Choosing the Game Markets. General Sources of Information. The Interest Rate Futures Market. The Foreign Currency Futures Markets. Grains and Oilseeds. The Meat Futures Contracts. Precious and Industrial Metals. The Energy Markets. The Food, Fiber, and Wood Products Markets. Index-Based Futures Contracts

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