The compleat day trader II

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This up-to-date work contains effective trading methods and strategies and discusses the psychology of trading. It also features indicators formulas and system codes. This text will be of great value to professional traders, brokers and individual traders.
Perspective on Day Trading: Observations, Claims, and Caveats. A Review of Market Timing Indicators. Day Trading: Art or Science. The 30-Minute Breakout. Day of the Week Patterns. Trading Systems: Pros and Cons. Power of the Inside Day. System Testing and Optimization: Friend or Foe? Emotions, Traders, and Markets. What Markets to Day Trade? Closing and Openings. Gap Methods for Day Trading. Accumulation Distribution Oscillator Derivative. The Importance of Orders. The Psychology of Day Trading. The Day Trader's Rules for Success. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)