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The Art of Co-Branding From Artists to Celebrities, to NGO's, Museums, Territories and More

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Co-branding is widely considered the art of the perfect match. This book is a guide to understanding the complex process of co-branding as well as it explaining the key factors of success to build this specific form of a partnership. This book gives tangible examples of partnerships between various kinds of internationally renowned artists, celebrities, brands and companies such as Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Puma, David Beckam, Pharrell Williams.

In this vivid and academic study, the authors outline deep knowledge about the advantages and economic benefits of this marketing tool. This includes improvement of the brand image, development of the brand on new markets, attracting new customers within different target groups and obtainment of new market shares.

Filled with interviews from practitioners and vital academic and professional insights from the authors, this book is an essential guide for brand managers, professors and students to better understand and implement the process of successful co-branding through recent and concrete partnership examples, ITWs with professionals and insights from both academic and professional point of views.


I. Why do brands look for partnerships ?

  1. Build, strengthen or stretch the brand's identity / relevance and positioning (build upon a premium positioning, enter a new market, ...)
  2. Attract new consumers, generate drive to store and make the brand stand out in-stores (increase shelf rotation)
  3. Increase the brand's visibility with important press coverage
  4. Develop conversation with the audience: create a "wow effect", digital content, stories to tell for both partners


II. How do brands find their perfect partners?

  1. Partnerships with brands 
  2. Partnerships with artists (designers, graphic designers, …) 
  3. Partnerships with celebrities (Kanye West, Pharrell, George Clooney, …)
  4. Partnerships with NGO’s (Red Cross, Greenpeace…)
  5. Partnerships with cultural institutions (Museums, Festivals, Cities / Countries…)


III. What are the key success factors of co-brandings?

  1. The right partner
  2. The added value (capacity of a compelling story, an effective 360 activation)
  3. The unexpected marriage vs a long fulfilling happy marriage
  4. To motivate the internal work force, the company’s internal creativity
  5. Several interesting ITW’s with well-known stakeholders to understand their experience, point of view, and advice (Do’s and Don’ts) to succeed a cobranding they participated in (CEO Louis Vuitton, / Marketing director Evian, Danone group, H&M, Artist Kanye West, Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Agent CAA, CEO of The Louvre Museum, CEO Greenpeace, Packaging agency, …)

IV. How to concretize a partnership?

  1. Identify ideal partners (from the profiling of a long list of potential partners to a shortlist of 5-10 ideal partners)
  2. Define the scope of the project (define the kind of partnership (win-win partnership, flat fee, royalties, …) + involvement of the partner, communication plan, duration, territories, …)
  3. Contact shortlisted partners (direct contact, through his/her agent, through his company,…)
  4. Negotiate and formalize the partnership in an agreement (from the Non-Disclosure Agreement to the final contract)
  5. Follow-up to ensure the smooth progress of the partnership


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