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Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Operations Mathematical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Management Sciences Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Mangla Sachin K., Luthra Sunil, Jakhar Suresh Kumar, Kumar Anil, Rana Nripendra P.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Operations

Sustainable Procurement is an emerging concept in supply chain and operations management. Manufacturing industries have made improvements in moving from cost-based to quality-based, and customer-focused supply chain management strategies. This is becoming an integrated component in the supply chain system, with players becoming aware of the regulations and needs of the customer. It is imperative for production firms to look at the procurement activity as one of the strategic enablers for sustaining the business in the competitive global environment. This book will provide industries with an understanding of the concepts related to sustainable procurement policies and its implementation.

  • Provides decision and theory development models in sustainable procurement supply chains
  • Includes contributions in all three major analytics: descriptive, predictive, and perspectives in the context of sustainable procurement supply chain
  • Discusses new business models with suppliers and opportunities for co-branding
  • Covers how to develop new tools to measure and allocate the gains from sustainable practices among stakeholders
  • Analyses the science of translating data into meaningful and actionable insights

1. Analyzing Quality Issues in Managing Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Management. 2. Analyzing Integrated Qualitative/Quantitative Model that Deals with Managing Ethical and Environmental Issues in Supply Chain Management. 3. Reviews and State-of-Art with Future Directions on Managing Sustainable Procurement Issues in Supply Chain Management. 4. How Business Organization Address Sustainable Procurement Related Issues. 5. Problems/Barriers and Probable Solutions/Measures in Dealing with Sustainable Procurement Issues in Supply Chain Management. 6. Addressing Corporate Social Responsibility Related Drivers, Factors, Barriers, and Challenges to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Sustainable Procurement Adoption in Supply Chains. 7. Advantages, Possibilities and Implications for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Managing Sustainable Procurement Issues. 8. Managing and Development of Human Issues and Skills in Managing Sustainable Procurement Issues in Supply Chain Management. 9. Analyzing Risk and Uncertainties in Sustainable Procurement Management in Industrial Supply Chains. 10. Application of Fuzzy and grey set theory in managing Sustainable Procurement in Business-Simulation and Optimization Techniques in Sustainable Procurement Supply Chain. 11. Case Study 1.12. Case Study 2. 13. Case Study 3.

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15.6x23.5 cm

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