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Sport Mega-Events in Emerging Economies, 1st ed. 2018 The South American Games of Santiago 2014 Mega Event Planning Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Sport Mega-Events in Emerging Economies
Chile and the South American Games of Santiago 2014 offers an interesting case to examine an event of sizeable magnitude in a country with little history of hosting sport mega-events (SMEs). This case study will expand the readers understanding of third-order SMEs like the South American Games and highlight the circumstances under which they occur. It also contributes to advance and challenge our knowledge as to what extent previous findings made on impact, legacies, justifications, and challenges identified on larger scale SMEs hosted in the developed world, inform the process and outcomes of second or third-order SMEs organized in less developed countries. This monograph is suitable for scholars and practitioners who want to expand their knowledge on sport event planning outside the rim of the global north. It is an essential read for scholars and graduate students in policy studies, sociology, international business, sport and event management, and tourism and hospitality. Likewise, it is an important resource for event planners, government officials, event rights holders, and sport destination marketers involved with the planning of sport mega-events across the world.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Conceptualizing Sport Mega-Events
Chapter 3: Emerging Economies and Sport Mega-Events
Chapter 4: The Context of the South American Games
Chapter 5: Bidding, Planning and Organizing
Chapter 6: Santiago 2014: Stakeholders Appraisement
Chapter 7: Lessons and Challenges Facing Sport Mega-Events in Emerging Economies: The Case of Santiago 2014.
Gonzalo A. Bravo is an Associate Professor in the sport management program at West Virginia University, USA. His publications include International Sport Management (edited) and Sport in Latin America. Policy, Organization, Management (edited).

David J. Shonk is an Associate Professor in Sport & Recreation Management at James Madison University, USA. He is the co-author of Managing Sport Events.

Jorge Silva-Bórquez is the Sport Director at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Previously he worked at the National Institute of Sport and Club Deportivo Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. He earned an MBA from IEDE Business School in Santiago, and a Master´s degree in Sport Management from Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación.

Silvana González-Mesina is a freelance journalist specializing in sport and corporate communications. Her work has been published in major newspapers and sport publications in Chile. She completed a Bachelor´s degree in Communication and Journalism from Universidad de Chile and a specialization in Sport Journalism from Universidad La República.
Brings new attention to the developing nation of Chile, and has wider implications for studying the policies, planning and development of nations in South America.

Takes a multifaceted look at Mega Events and Sports Studies, including public policy, planning, management and politics.

Uniquely qualified authors, with extensive scholarly and professional expertise in various aspects of sport management and particular experience in Latin America.

An original contribution to the field, bringing the South American Games to an English speaking audience for the first time.

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