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Quality Beyond Borders Dantotsu or How to Achieve Best in Business

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Quality Beyond Borders

Perceptions as to the nature of the Quality Sciences and Disiplines vary across the world depending on local industrial history. This can cause problems for global organisations who often want to retain the quality policies of the parent company whilst attempting to embrace the approaches familiar to local people. For example, Whilst Western organizations have embraced Six Sigma, Lean and other Japanese management techniques, we have tended to adopt them in a hotch potch fashion; bolting them on without ever understanding the context behind Total Quality Control. In Japan, these concepts are not considered to be standalone but are all part of a seamless companywide matrix of interactive concepts which can be summed up as company-wide quality work, of, by and for all. In essence this means that Quality is everybody's responsibility from the Chief Executive downwards.

David Hutchins has over several decades worked in all of the cultural blocks and has consistently managed to integrate all of these differences into a single company wide approach. When the concepts covered are integrated into a total company wide programme, the intention is to make that organisation the best in its business; in Japanese terms this implies ?Dantotsu? which means Number One Thinking.

Accessible and practical in approach, Quality Beyond Borders is split into short sections each representing a self-contained idea for the reader to digest and reflect on. It is a valuable resource for business practitioners, students and academics alike that will enable you to reach beyond your own borders to implement new ideas with significant results.

Acknowledgements, About the Author, Introduction, Tips on the use of this book, Preface – the Japanese Quality Revolution, Chapter 1 What is Quality? Chapter 2 The role of People in Quality, Chapter 3 The role of Monitoring and Measuring in making Quality Decisions, Chapter 4 Business Performance Improvement, Chapter 5 Quality related Legislation and regulation, Chapter 6 New Product Development, Chapter 7 Supply Chain Management, Chapter 8 Where do we go from here? Appendix 1 An account of the post war history in Japan, Bibliography and Citations, Index

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