Manufacturing planning and control systems (5th Ed.)

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Vollman, Berry, Whybark and Jacobs', Manufacturing Planning & Control Systems, 5/e provides comprehensive real world based coverage of the concepts, tools, and methods used to manage and control manufacturing systems. This major revision contains four entirely new chapters and four thoroughly upgraded to nearly original content. ERP system coverage and the impact of them in the field is covered now in a new introductory chapter (4) as well as being integrated heavily into many other chapters from Sales and Operations Planning (3) to Advanced Scheduling Systems (16).
1. Manufacturing Planning and Control 2. Demand Management 3. Sales and Operations Planning 4. Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) - Integrated Systems 5. Supply Chain Inventory Management - Independent Demand Items 6. Master Production Scheduling 7. Material Requirements Planning 8. Distribution Requirements Planning 9. Just-In-Time 10.Capacity Planning and Utilization 11.Production Activity Control 12.Advanced Concepts in Sales and Operations Planning 13.Strategy and MPC System Design 14.Advanced Concepts in Material Requirements Planning 15.Advanced Concepts in Just-In-Time 16.Advanced Concepts in Scheduling 17.Supply Chain Management 18.Implementation 19.MPC:The Next Frontier