Handbook of key economic indicators, 2nd ed 1998

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This completely updated work provides a thorough explanation of the non-financial indicators that are closely watched by the financial markets, including how indicators are compiled, the statistical significance for the economy, and key insights in interpreting the data. It includes two new chapters covering employment cost indexes, labour productivity and costs. This book is a valuable source of information for traders, financial analysts, research professionals and economists.
Introdution: The Monthly Forecast Cycle. The Employment Report. The Personal Income Report. Retail Sales.
Unit New Auto Sales and Other Related Motor Vehicle Data. The Consumer Price Index. The Producer Price Index. Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Rates. Manufacturers' Orders and Other Related Series. Business Inventories and Sales. The Purchasing Managers' Index. U.S International Trade in Goods and Services. Monthly Construction Indicators. Gross Domestic Product. The Conference Board's Index of Leading Indicators and Other Composite Indexes. The Productivity and
Unit Labor Costs Report and the Employment Cost Index. Labor and Productity and Costs.