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Handbook Factory Planning and Design

Langue : Allemand

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Handbook Factory Planning and Design
This handbook introduces a methodically underpinned and practice tested concept for the design of changeable production sites that act in a strategic alliance to the fast supply of global markets. In the base part, the change drivers of the production and the requests resulting new from that with the focal point on an appropriate change potential. In the second part, it concerns the concrete design of the production and the necessary rooms on the factory levels work place, work area, building and site location under functional, organisational, architectural and strategic aspects. The third part is dedicated to the planning system that is based on a synergetic interaction of process planning and spatial planning. The accompanying project management in the planning and realization phase and the Facility Management to the effective utilization of the factory close the book. Concise overview over production technology, logistics and factories with its technical equipment from the viewpoint of the factory planner. Depiction of changeability and application of change enablers. Practical guide line for the factory planner from the target setting to the ramp up with check lists and auxiliary tables. Integrated project management through consideration of professional, organizational and atmospheric aspects. Examples of changeable and communication fostering factories.
Change drivers of the factory.- Planning base.- Production requirements.- Familiar production concepts.- Systematic of changeability.- Functional work place design.- Organizational work place design.- Spatial work place design.- Functional work area design.- Spatial work area design.- Building design.- Site layout master plan.- Spatial site location planning.- Strategic site location planning.- Synergetic factory planning process.- Project management.- Facility management.

A concise overview of production technology, logistics and factory buildings with their technical equipment from the perspective of the factory planner

A Presentation of the versatility and application of adaptable concepts

A Hands-on Guide to factory layout and design of the objective to run with checklists and auxiliary tables

A Handbook for integrated project management by consideration of technical, organizational and atmospheric aspects

A collection of examples of versatile and communicating factories

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