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Green Sources in Eco-Nanotechnology Potential, Progress, Benefits and Marketing

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Green Sources in Eco-Nanotechnology

Green Sources in Eco-Nanotechnology: Potential, Progress, Benefits and Marketing provides a broad overview on the applicability of nanotechnology and the associated risks of various nanomaterials. The book presents safe, economic and eco-friendly methods and natural sources that prevent or reduce possible risks for the environment and human health. New concepts and principals of clean nanotechnology derived from nature-eco-nanotechnology-are introduced, along with a detailed discussion on the chemical, physical and biological properties of nanomaterials, including their pharmaceutical, medicinal, industrial and economical significance to improve human life and protect natural resources and ecosystems.

  • Explains the concepts and principles of eco-nanotechnology
  • Presents a novel view of clean nanotechnology derived from environmental sources
  • Discusses the potential of green sources?such as bio media and bio support?to cost-effectively synthesize nanostructures
  • Supports several UN Sustainable Development Goals

1. Eco-nanotechnology 2. Green Sources in eco-nanotechnology 3. Mechanisms of green production of nanomaterials (Synthesis, Characterization and Fabrication) 4. Type of green synthesized nanostructures 5. Physical, Chemical and Biological properties of nanomaterials 6. Impact of nanomaterials on nature 7. Role of eco-nanotechnology in improvement of life 8. Environmental risks of nanomaterials 9. Benefits of nanostructures for solving the human life challenges 10. Marketing and economical aspects of eco-nanotechnology 11. Conclusions and future perspectives

S. Mohammad Sajadi is associate professor of phytochemistry at Soran University. He studied pure and applied chemistry at Kurdistan University in 2005. In 2006 he continued his MSc in phytochemistry under the guidance of Prof. Robert Verpoorte from Leiden University. After extended his master’s degree in 2009, he joined to Soran University as faculty member and then PhD researcher to continue his researches in the fields of phytochemistry and nanobiotechnology with their applications in organic synthesis under supervision of Prof. Kamal Kolo. Up to now Dr. Sajadi has achieved many national and international awards following a lot of numbers of his publications in high impact peer reviewed journals. He is also acting as Kurdistan National Research Conceal (KNRC) member. Recently he cooperated to compile a book project entitled ″An introduction to green nanotechnology‶ by Elsevier Publication.
Samir M. Hamad is associate professor of physics at Soran university. He received BSc in Physics in 1999 from Salahaddin University. Then he took his MSc in nuclear physics in 2003 at the same university. In 2014 Samir received his PhD degree in Nanotechnology and material Science from University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR)-USA under supervision of Prof. Dr. Hye-Won Seo. Now he works as Senior researcher and dean assistant of Soran university research centre. Until now Dr. Samir has published many international research papers in high impact journals.
Sarbast A. Mahmud is associate professor in biology at Soran University. during 2006 to 2010, he received B.Sc. and M. Sc in Biology from University of Salahaddin, Iraq. In 2015 he received his Ph.D in biology from University of Zakho, Iraq and University of Pavia, Italy under supervision of Professor Giovanni Vidari. Now he works as Senior researcher at Soran university research Centre. Until now Dr. Sarbast has published many international research papers in high impact journals.
Azeez A. Barzinjy is associate pro

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