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Global Competition and Local Networks

Langue : Anglais

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Coordonnateur : Green Milford B.

This title was first published in 2002. The interest in becoming globally competitive through network strategies, particularly networks between small and medium-sized firms in local business communities, is high among academic researchers, economic development agencies and growth orientated firms. Important contributions to our understanding of the strategic use of networks are coming from a number of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. This volume provides a unique opportunity to both synthesize this diverse literature and report the results of original research. It is particularly relevant to scholars of business and management, geography and economics
Contents: Understanding Local Networks and Their Links to Competitiveness: Global competitiveness and local networks: a review of the literature, Peter Brown and Rod B. McNaughton; Clusters, industrial districts and competitiveness, Frank McDonald and Giovanna Vertova; Networks and proximity: theory and empirical evidence from the car and telecommunications industries, Anastassios Gentzoglanis; Region, knowledge and competitiveness, Sean B. O’Hagan and Milford B. Green. Innovation in Local Networks: Spatially binding linkages in manufacturing product chains, Edward J. Feser and Stuart H. Sweeney; Skills networks and local dynamics, Patrick Burlat and Sophie Peillon; Birthing biotech: agglomerations in San Diego and Atlanta, Susan M. Walcott; Innovation networks in reconversion regions - the case of Styria, Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl and Hubert Bratl. The Constraints of Local Networks: Limits of local networks: use of local and external knowledge in technological adaptation in the Seto Ceramics industry, Hiro Izushi; Lean and its limits: the Toyota production system in Chukyo and Northern Kyushu, Japan, David W. Edgington; Local and global networks in the economics of SMEs - is proximity the only thing that matters?, Mario A. Maggioni and Alberto Bramanti; The spatial configuration of inter-firm networks in producer service agglomerations, Neil M. Coe and Alan R. Townsend. Contexts of Network Strategies: Rural entrepreneurs: using personal networks as a business strategy, Mae Deans; Developing and co-ordinating regional networks for international competitiveness: the case of Queensland agribusiness exports, Sheelagh Matear, Brett Tucker, Andrew McCarroll and Les Brown; Integration in the multinational corporation: the problem of subsidiary embeddedness, Ulf Andersson and Mats Forsgren.

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